In the United States, approximately 125 million people have at least one tooth missing. Individuals lose a tooth or teeth due to multiple reasons such as poor oral hygiene, the buildup of tartar and plaque, gum disorder, etc. Most people without a tooth choose a dental implant, one of the most effective tooth replacement options.

At present, there isn’t a better cost-effective alternative to dental implants because these replace the tooth and the root. Tooth replacement methods like dental implants are all about the placement of an artificial tooth root in a person’s jawbone. It creates a solid and permanent foundation and framework for a replaced tooth.

You could often experience severe oral and dental problems if you delay considering these implants. You have the option to get bridges, crowns, or dentures if you have lost a tooth. However, these are not the best solutions. People with a missing tooth, aware of the prime benefits of dental implants, have the same done sooner rather than later.

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Compelling Reasons to Consider Dental Implants

A dental implant is a permanent solution to a damaged or lost tooth. It offers aesthetic advantages to a person who undergoes this surgery. These implants are instrumental in improving the overall function of a patient’s mouth. Considering it will help you bite and chew food correctly, keep each tooth in place, prevent bone from deteriorating, and ensure that the jawbone remains healthy.

Know that delaying replacing a missing or pulled tooth can lead the jawbone to deteriorate faster. So, quickly undergoing dental implant surgery is imperative. Dental implants help a person eat, smile, and laugh like before, which eventually improves their self-confidence and self-esteem. Because of fear and cost, many people with a missing or damaged tooth either delay or avoid having these implants.

Waiting for a longer time to get implants sometimes causes a single extraction to become a multiple one, which will be more painful, time-consuming, and costly surgery. So, it is wise to get it done in a timely manner. The presence of a decayed tooth in a person’s mouth for a more extended period could affect the adjacent tooth.

Perfect Time to Consider Dental Implants

Replace a tooth as soon as you lose it or find out it is damaged and causing pain. When one postpones making a replacement of lost or missing teeth even after experiencing various difficulties, the jawbone starts disintegrating. The alignment of a person’s bite changes due to the shifting of teeth.

Here’s when to opt for implants:

  • It is not feasible to repair tooth decay by resorting to the dental filling method.
  • Post the loss of a tooth or a dental trauma.
  • Unable to put on dentures in an appropriate way.
  • The face becomes dull and sunken due to relentless deterioration of the bone in the jaw.
  • A fixed bridge is making one experience pain and discomfort aside from adversely impacting the jawbone below the missing or damaged tooth.

Final Words

You will certainly reap a lot of benefits if you opt for dental implants without too much delay after losing a tooth or discovering tooth decay. Do remember that the less time you take to get an implant, the more hassle-free, less costly, and traumatic the surgery becomes.