Whether replacing an old unreliable appliance or taking on a complete kitchen renovation, purchasing a new hob can leave a homeowner with several questions and concerns. The biggest question when shopping for a new cooker is generally whether to go with gas or electric, and it is an important decision because it can greatly affect your cooking. Appliances generally last a good number of years so making the wrong decision can be something a homeowner has to live with and regret for some time to come.

Gas Hobs


Gas hobs generally come outfitted with four to five burners with an ignition knob to control the gas supply to each individual burner. The knobs are easy to use, making a gas hob simple to cook with. All gas hobs however need to be installed by a professional to ensure safe installation, but the plus side to that is installation is quite simple so it will not be a major expense.

The benefits of choosing gas

Some benefits to choosing to cook with gas include the incredibly controlled temperatures and distribution of heat, making it ideal for cooking and often the choice of professional chefs. Gas is also a more cost effective cooking method, and can be considerably cheaper to run than an electric hob. Newer style gas cookers often feature an optimal burner, which can save an additional 10% in energy consumption.

Issues with gas hobs

Drawbacks to cooking on gas hobs include the fact that sometimes they are difficult to clean due to the pan supports, especially compared to the smooth surface of induction and ceramic cooktops. In addition to this, not every home is outfitted for a gas hob so switching to gas can be a costly investment.

Electric Hobs


When it comes to electric cookers they generally fall under two categories these days, induction and ceramic, and although have some similar qualities result in two different cooking results.

Similarities include a smooth, streamlined glass look that makes for extremely easy cleaning and maintenance. Electric hobs are a practical choice for anyone living in rural areas where gas mains may not be accessible and also have a few clever safety features including hot zone indicators and locks that prevent the cooker from being turned on unless the right combination of buttons is pressed making it a wonderful choice for households with small children.

Induction Hobs

Induction hobs use magnetism technology that heats just the surface of the pan and not the top of the hob, allowing the heat to permeate the food and cook food quickly. Induction hobs offer users fantastic temperature control and the ability to tweak controls even minutely to adjust it to the perfect setting.

Induction hobs however are the most costly variety, costing more than ceramic or gas cookers. Some homeowners may be turned off at the concept of an induction hob because they require pans made of ferrous metals in order to cook with.

Ceramic Hobs

Ceramic hobs are a great option for those looking for an efficient and affordable cooktop. They are incredibly common and are often cheaper than the induction variety making them the go to style for those on a budget. In addition to their good value, benefits of ceramic hobs include their streamlined design that makes them attractive and incredibly easy to keep clean and that no specific or special cooking equipment is required, which can make ceramic a practical choice.

On the negative side of things ceramic hobs can be slow to heat up, slowing down the cooking process and it is harder to have exact control over the temperatures you are cooking at. Also, the entire surface of the hob heats up which could lead to burnt on residue of a pan overflows or spills.

Deciding which hob is best for your home is very much a personal decision, and will often rely on how your home is outfitted and what personal preferences are. It is important to look at all options and features before making a final decision so you will be pleased with the hob for the entirety of its life.

Article supplied by Kitchen Finesse – suppliers and fitters of kitchen appliances including gas and electric hobs from leading manufactures such as Neff.