Composed of pleated pants, total looks of suits, blazers, oversize cut shirts, and vests, they make this trend one of the most elegant and comfortable. And also in terms of footwear, of course, oxfords or loafers will be the must to put the finishing touch to this sophisticated style.

All these garments are the ones that predominate in the androgynous style, and knowing how to combine them is as simple as it is successful. Ready to know how? We tell you:

How is the masculine style for women?


The key is to combine very feminine garments in the same look, such as stilettos, with others with a masculine air, such as an oversize tailored suit. A contrast of styles, apparently opposite, that combined give incredible results.

The oversize cut, this season’s male-female trend


This season, oversize cuts and minimalist style are the clear protagonists of this trend. This is how we have seen it in different shows such as Calcaterra, Celine, Chanel, or Christian Dior, in which straight lines, neutral colors, and oversized cuts captured all eyes.

Ideas for the androgynous style to predominate in your looks

  • Loose-fitting garments with straight lines.
  • Neutral colors like browns, grays, blacks, whites, and blues.
  • A tailored look combined with loafers or stilettos.
  • A tuxedo with the jacket closed, with nothing underneath, combined with an oxford-type shoe.
  • Clothes that are very tight to the body
  • Strident patterns such as animal print 
  • Excessive ornaments such as ruffles or fringes.
  • Clothes with a worn or torn style.

The essentials for a woman’s wardrobe with masculine style


Before signing up for the basics to get an androgynous wardrobe, you must follow a rule: that all the garments that are detailed, except footwear, should preferably be oversized.

And now, take note of the basic garments for a masculine-feminine style:

  • A white shirt
  • Straight-fit, high-waisted jeans, such as mom fit
  • Some tailored or pleated pants
  • A trench
  • A blazer
  • Some loafers