There is a growing popularity for the moissanite, especially as a stone in engagement rings. If you are not familiar with this, it is a rare mineral discovered in 1893 by the French chemist Henry Moissan. Yes, it is named after him even if he mistakenly thought it was a diamond when he first saw it. It happened when Moissan was examing rock samples from a meteor crater in Canyon Diablo during the same year as a bit of background story. More than 10 years later, he identified it as silicon carbide.

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Due to this, an American chemist named Edward Goodrich Acheson synthesized in a lab the artificial silicon carbide in 1908. He decided to name it “moissanite” to honor the discoverer, Henri Moissan. It was first used for high-performance semiconductor devices, but it was only in 1998 when it was publicly launched as a stone in jewelry.

Tagged as the closest diamond alternative, let us why Moissanite could be your next best choice when looking for diamond jewelry (including engagement rings).

1. Same optical beauty of a diamond

Even if the diamond’s optical properties are exceeded by a Moissanite, it has a beautiful sparkle that ordinary people would consider a diamond. If you would use a diamond color grading scale, this colorless gem would have a perfect “D” – one of the best color grades. This is also available in different cuts, with the same ones with the diamond.

2. Way cheaper than those of diamonds

Since they are made in a laboratory, these man-made gemstones are a fraction of the cost compared to those of diamonds. Even if it has a great price, the quality, and sparkle that is almost similar to diamonds. Not just because it has a lower price point compared to the popular gemstone, it does not mean that it does not have great quality. Some now opt to get Moissanite engagement rings – not just because it is cheaper – but due to its beautiful look. If you are clueless about getting or seeing a Moissanite ring, you can visit or visit their physical retail store in New York.

3. It is undoubtedly environmentally friendly

Since it is made from a lab, it does not involve mining that has harmful effects on the environment. Especially during this time where climate change is an important issue in society, Moissannites are for those who are opting for the more environmentally-friendly option.

4. Similar quality with diamonds

Diamonds are considered to be the strongest gemstone on earth. The test for scratch resistance is measured by the Mohs scale, which has the highest score which is 10. Moissanite is one of the closest for being in the range of 9 to 9.5 on the same Mohs scale. Many jewelers say that it can stand up to abrasion and scratching – having similar durability with those of diamonds. It is also said that it can resist chipping and breaking.

The truth is many couples who pick an engagement ring still prefer to get a diamond, based on the observation of a jewelry store based in the US. Fortunately, Moissanite is their second choice based on the advantages listed above. For those who are looking for an engagement ring, try considering the Moissanite ring – where you get the beauty and strength of a diamond at a lesser price.