A romper is a jumpsuit, that is, a piece, of two-piece clothing: a shirt (or T-shirt, or top, etc.) and shorts. Its distinctive feature from the usual overalls is the short length of the legs.


As a rule, rompers have short sleeves or straps, and the length of the shorts comes to about the middle of the thigh. Rompers are considered a summer garment, although of course there are also winter variations. Most rompers today are made for women and are considered feminine garments, but in recent years the concept has taken over social media and fashion blogs and has also become popular among men. Thus, men and women of all ages today have the opportunity to choose the right pants for themselves.

Benefits of Rompers

  • A good alternative to dress. Today you can find children’s clothes in different styles. Some are suitable for formal events, and dates. Many women prefer socks over traditional dresses.
  • Comfort. Rompers are more comfortable than the same dresses. In them, you can not worry about strong gusts of wind or how to sit properly on a chair. They do not impede movement, and in them, you can afford the minimum length of shorts.
  • Shorts option. When you want to wear a shirt and shorts or a skirt, you can not worry about what to combine with what, and not pick up an outfit, but just put on a romper.
  • Universal. Pants can be worn anywhere. Today there are rompers of completely different styles and styles, you can easily choose an outfit for both everyday life and a night out.
  • Practicality. Rompers do not require the addition of any details. If you wear such a jumpsuit, your image will be complete.
  • Visually lengthen the legs. High-waisted clothes and short shorts visually lengthen the legs.
  • Suitable for hot weather. Due to the open style of this jumpsuit, it is not hot in summer. There are also many beach options for rompers.
  • Relevance. Clothes are at the height of fashion today, with this product you will look stylish and elegant.

How to wear a romper?


With the acquisition of a fashionable novelty for many girls, the question becomes relevant: how to wear a stylish romper? To make the image harmonious, you should follow these recommendations:

  • You can create feminine and elegant looks, for example, a striking red romper can be combined with shoes or sandals with heels. At the same time it can be either wide and stable, or made in the form of a narrow hairpin;
  • things that are suitable for creating casual looks, made of denim, can be combined with low-speed shoes or with sports sneakers or sneakers. They will not only add convenience and comfort to wear, but also make the image incredibly stylish;
  • in cold weather, you can put a jacket, cardigan, short leather or denim jacket on top. Their choice will depend on the stylistic characteristics of a particular model, and the fabric from which it is made.