What Extreme Temperatures Can do to Your Car

Your car can get cold out there in the winter or it can suffer heat damage under the sun. Protecting your car against extremes in temperature can

Your car is just as susceptible to the cold as the pipes in your home. In extremes of weather, the parts of your car can melt and damage your engine or freeze and seize up. Your car can do any number of strange things thanks to the weather. This article talks through some of them and even discusses how to fix the issues extreme weather can bring up with your car.

What Temperatures can do to your Car

Have you ever noticed how more people have car trouble in extremely cold weather than at any other time of the year? Temperature plays a big part in this. More car batteries die each year in winter, for example, due to the electrolyte solution and the impact the extreme cold has on them. Even the best car battery risks seizing if the weather gets too cold.

On the other end of the spectrum, that chemical process in your car battery can also face problems with extreme heat. Hot temperatures can cause car fluids such as coolant to evaporate, leaving your engine to overheat. Continuous extremes of heat can cause corrosion of the inside of the battery. It can also cause a risk of fire, particularly if that windscreen and dashboard are not covered.

Taking steps to protect your car from extremes in temperature is the best way to save yourself potential garage expenses.

How to Protect your Car from Weather Extremes

There are many ways you can protect your car from the bad weather. Try these top tips for making sure your car stands up to the bad weather.

Build a Car Port

Not everyone can afford to build a new garage, nor do we all have our own homes. Building a car port is a good compromise if you want to keep the worst of the weather off your vehicle, but you can’t afford the splurge on a full build. Car ports are three sides and a roof, usually enough to stave off a full frost and keep the worst of the heat off them.

Get a Car Cover

Can’t afford a car port or don’t have the space? Keep your car roadside and cover it with a nylon or plastic cover. The people who made your car will sell these specific to your model. These are a cost effective solution to protect the parts of your car from extreme wet, frost, or heat.

Use a Windscreen Reflector

In hot weather, putting a reflective cover on your windscreen lessens the risk that your car will catch fire. It will also lead to a cooler car in high summer when you go to make a journey.

Keep Your Car Safe in Weather Extremes

Following these heat protective tips will help your car stay cool, no matter what the weather is like outside.