We all want our cars to run forever but sadly that’s not the case. Despite how expensive they are, some cars don’t get to see past a decade before they give up. Our needs for cars have become a lot like most engineering and technology opportunities – we’re demanding too much of them.

However, if you’re taking care of a vehicle properly, it’s not to say it can’t run for a very long time. There are some vintage cars still running their engines some thirty or forty years later.

With this being said, what are some of the tips to help improve your car’s performance for the new year? Here are some top tips that will certainly help you make the most out of your car from now until the end of its time – whenever that may be!

How To Improve Your Car’s Performance For The New Year - tunning, performance, car

Take it in for regular maintenance

First and foremost, a regular maintenance check-up is a must. It’s important that you’re getting it taken in so that it’s getting seen by the experts. There are lots of cars out there that may have years left in them but their owners are neglecting to take them to the garage until it fails to start up one day.

Just like MOTs on our bodies, it’s necessary for your car to receive the same treatment. Take it to a trusted car engineer to take a look at the car and run it through some general health tests. When driving on the road, if you notice anything from sounds to visual cues that suggest that something’s not quite right – get it seen to.

It’s better to get it looked at, rather than to let it continue as it is and then eventually pack up, causing you more money in the process.

Upgrade the braking system

The braking system is surely an important part of the car right? It’s what you need to make sure you’re able to stop the car at the right time.

Over time, depending on your usage of this braking system, the brakes can wear down. That’s never a good sign because you want your brake pads to be fast and responsive to any emergency braking you may have to do.

Depending on how hard you hit the brakes regularly will depend on how quickly the brake pads wear down. Over time, the braking system will need replacing, especially when it comes to older cars.

If you think the brake pads aren’t what they used to be and need upgrading, then it may be worth getting in touch with your local engineer. They can take a look and provide suggestions on what would be best for the car and for your driving experience.

Give it a new look with a car wrap

A new car wrap is a great way to give your car a new look. It’s affordable to do and it’s better than trying to do a DIY paint job yourself. Over time, the car can get rusty, dented, or scuffed. Depending on how you store the car, the car’s color may no longer be the bold, shiny color it used to be. Years of UV sunlight will wear away the color and cause it to fade. The same can happen with other harsh weather conditions it’s exposed to.

With that in mind, take a look at some professional car detailing companies, rather than just picking the first one that you see in the local newspaper. A car wrap can mean your creativity can run wild and is a great way to have fun, experimenting with color and texture.

There are lots of different wraps available, meaning you could completely transform your car and make it look brand new. Impress your friends and give the illusion to the neighbors that you’re swapping out your car every couple of years!

Upgrade the interior furnishings with new seats

When it comes to upgrading the interior cabin, there are plenty of changes that can be made to help provide a fresh and renewed feel to the space.

New seats to park your bums on, might be a great addition to the space. Over time, wear and tear can easily show when it comes to the seats in a car. Depending on the type of materials the seats are made out of, some will wear a lot more easier and quicker as a result.

How To Improve Your Car’s Performance For The New Year - tunning, performance, car

Take a look at the 2011-2014 f150 ecoboost performance parts as there are some useful seat options, as well as other performance parts you may want to add to the cabin or exterior.

When it comes to new seats, you may not be able to afford to replace all of them, so a budget-friendly option would be to get some seat covers that can slip over the top of the seats. This can create the illusion of new seats but they may not be quite as effective in comparison to brand-new seats.

Install performance tires

Performance tires are a great way to get better performance out of your car, especially when it comes to enjoying the driving experience moreso. Some tires may be good for certain conditions, while others are quite generic in their performance. As a result, it might be best to invest in some specialist performance tires that can elevate the car’s performance.

Sometimes, the car is as young as it feels, and having a fresh set of wheels might be just what it needs to feel like a new car again.

Performance tires range depending on what type of car you have, so explore the ranges available from different manufacturers to find the right ones for you.

Be careful when you drive

When it comes to driving in general, it’s important to take good care of your car. That means when you’re out driving, try not to be too rough or drive haphazardly which may cause accidents or road collisions as a result.

Sometimes, how you drive can affect the internal health of a car. From the engine to the brake pads, they’re all relying on the driver to be careful and to drive safely. Some drivers don’t do that and as a result, can further damage the car.

Take more care when on the road and use your knowledge of road safety to make sure that your car is kept in the best condition possible.

Declutter the car and keep it clean

The car isn’t your home and therefore should be a cluttered mess. There’s nothing worse than stepping into a car and having to climb over empty fast food packaging, amongst a whole host of other, suspicious items.

A car bin might be a good way of helping collect any and all rubbish that’s in the car. It’s something that can definitely make a big difference to the upkeep of the car’s interior and may stop it from getting into such a mess.

If you’re not decluttering the car and keeping it clean, chances are, it’s going to get more damaged. From scuffs on the cabin doors to embedded stains on the seats or cabin floors, it can easily look like it’s aged ten years if you’ve not looked after it properly.

Know what cleaning products to use to maintain the appearance

Talking of cleaning, make sure to know what cleaning products are best to use when it comes to maintaining their appearance. Cleaning products are going to vary from one vehicle to the next, so make sure you take a look at the manufacturer’s guidelines on using the right cleaning products, whether it’s internally on the cabin’s dashboard and fabrics, to the exterior shell.

Replace air filters

Air filters are something that is worth looking at when it comes to the car’s performance. Replacing the air filters can certainly help provide better airflow in the car and this can be helpful when it comes to heating up the car or cooling down the car efficiently. It’s also healthier to have air filters that actually work properly.

Consider replacing the air filters, which can be done by an engineer. There will certainly be a noticeable difference by using it.

Invest in a new stereo faceplate

A stereo is something that you’ll want to invest in when it comes to an aging car. Over the years, the current interface might not be up to scratch and may look heavily dated. Upgrading might be costly but it’s something that’s worthwhile.

After all, we’re all hooked on technology, and having in-cabin entertainment when on the road can be helpful to keep all the passengers entertained. Some cars may need quite extensive work to have a new stereo faceplate fitted in.

Improving your car’s performance is important to get the most out of it and to continue enjoying your driving experience on the road. Take a look at what upgrades you could make to your car and invest in the right parts in order to give your car its new lease of life so that it continues to thrive throughout the new year.