Yard sales, I believe most people have participated in one. But have you ever held one yourself? Maybe you need to move, or maybe there are too many unused items in your home that need to be disposed of. Throwing them away is too wasteful, selling them at a slightly lower price to someone in need would be a better option. There is no simpler way for buyers and sellers. It’s just that a yard sale isn’t just putting old stuff out in the yard and sticking labels on it. It also requires preparation and skill. So for those who want to hold a yard sale, we’ve put together the best ways to make your yard sale perfect.

What Are The Best Yard Sale Tips You Need To Know? - yard, tips, sale, organizing, cleaning

Organizing and cleaning things

First, go to each room and clean out items that have not been used for a long time, clothes that do not fit, etc. Even if some things you think are worthless, don’t throw them away easily, someone might like them. If you need to sell some electronics, it’s best to see if they still work first. Avoid the buyer’s trouble afterward. Clean them after you finish organizing. No one will want to buy something that looks dirty on the outside. Especially to prevent some items that can hurt people, such as knives and forks should be careful. When all this is done, write a list based on the items you have sorted out. Each product sold can be crossed out to make it easier to take inventory afterward.

Mark the price

Generally speaking, it is better to sell at a low price. If you are selling a higher-value item, the selling price is usually a quarter of the purchase price. However, for some almost new, collectible items, the price can be set a little higher. If you can’t think of an appropriate price when pricing, you can write “Make an Offer” on the price tag and let the person who wants to buy it make the offer. However, it is better to think about your base price, so that you have more leeway when negotiating the price.

What Are The Best Yard Sale Tips You Need To Know? - yard, tips, sale, organizing, cleaning

Prepare the booth

In the front yard, then definitely weed the lawn and trim the branches and leaves in advance to make room for displaying items. A long table for displaying items is necessary. If you have clothes, hang them up for people to choose from. Pop up canopy is used to protect you from the weather. Generally speaking, a 10×10 canopy is the most suitable size for a yard sale. It can put down enough tables to display the products. In addition, the appropriate decoration can also attract more people. For example, colorful balloons can always attract people’s attention.

Attract more people

Neighbors may know about the yard sale, but people on the other side of the block may have no idea. So it’s important to properly promote it to get as many people as possible to attend. The easiest way to do this is to put posters of the yard sale on trees around the block, preferably with the location and time. You can also advertise the event on social media.

Finally, there will be many people standing in front of your items at the yard sale. Be wary of thieves and watch out for your belongings and bags containing cash.