It can be tricky to take care of your hair. Although there are many factors you can’t control, like genetics, the weather, and pollution, proper care can still keep your hair looking its finest. With a bit of know-how, you can easily maintain the luster of your natural hair. Here are some tips to start taking better care of your hair.

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Use the Best Hair Styling Tools

If you want beautiful hair, you’ll need to buy high-quality styling tools. Unfortunately, with so many hair styling gadgets available on the market, it can be hard to decide what to get. However, once you find the best ones, it can make all the difference to your grooming.

Texturizing irons, double waver irons, blow dryers, brushes, combs, and other tools can be used for detangling and styling waves or curls. An edge brush, for example, can easily help you curl and coil your hair.

Create a Hair Care Routine

Hair care routines are one of the most vital aspects of a person’s grooming routine. Looking good, feeling great, and rocking gorgeous hair is never an accident.

Similarly to skincare, you’ll need to use a wide range of products to achieve the desired looks. For instance, hair needs to be properly conditioned with a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. In addition, be careful when coloring your hair. Avoid dyeing your hair with products that use ammonia and hydrogen peroxide because these can damage it.

Avoid Over Washing Your Hair

Washing your hair too often can remove the natural oils that help protect your hair from the elements. Because it is coarser and more porous than the skin, hair needs to be cleaned less often.

Since frequently washing your hair can strip it of its natural oils, limit yourself to washing it only twice or thrice a week. You may even need to wash your hair less often if your hair gets dry and brittle.

Also, only use mild shampoos. The harsh chemicals used in hair products can cause split ends, so choose a product made specifically for maintaining the natural bounce of your hair. If you can’t find anything gentle enough, then just use baby shampoo.

And don’t forget about regular conditioning because it restores moisture and nutrients to your hair, leaving it softer and healthier. Apply a deep conditioner to your hair immediately after shampooing and leave it on for at least 30 minutes before rinsing.

Only Use Hair Care Products for Your Hair Type

If you don’t know your hair type, you can’t pick the right products.

Hair can be categorized according to four main types:

  • If you have fine hair, use lighter conditioners and styling products.
  • If your hair is thick, use products that increase volume or reduce frizz.
  • If your hair is wavy, first allow it to dry completely before you use any products. Then, to style it, use a product that controls frizz.
  • If you have curly hair, you might also find it difficult to manage your hair. However, there are many excellent products on the market that define curls and reduce frizz.

You probably don’t fall neatly into just one of these categories. Like most people, you have a mixture of textures. For example, you may have fine hair but it’s also dense. Or you may have thin hair but it’s also wavy. Once you know your hair type, you’ll be able to choose the best products. In fact, there is no shortage of products and home remedies that can help you achieve the look you desire.

The Best Way to Flaunt Your Locks

For lush, healthy, gorgeous hair — hair that turns heads when you walk by — focus on finding your perfect style, using an optimal hair care routine, and only buying products that match your hair type.