If you just adopted a puppy, if your dog suffers from separation anxiety, or if he simply doesn’t get all the exercise he needs on a day-to-day basis, chances are your sofa and other furniture will suffer. And it is that, although biting is a normal act depending on the circumstances, you should know that when your dog bites the sofa or other furniture in the house it is because there is a fundamental problem that must be tackled.

  • Puppy dogs can bite the sofa because of the pain caused by the birth of their teeth, but they can also do it as an act of recognition or exploration that must be redirected to prevent it from becoming a habit.
  • The same can happen with an adult dog that has not been well trained.
  • In the case of stressed dogs, those who spend a lot of time alone and those who do not discharge all their energy, biting the sofa and other furniture is an act that helps them release all that load of stress. So what can you do to avoid this behavior?


The first point to get your dog to stop nibbling what it shouldn’t is to be aware of the situation. Do you spend many hours away from home? Is it a dog that does not tolerate loneliness? Does it have a very active and energetic personality? Is it still a puppy? Depending on the problem, you will have to act in one way or another.

Puppies require time and dedication


When you adopt a puppy dog, you have to be aware that it is like a baby that you will have to guide on a day-to-day basis. In this first phase of its life, the dog will be dedicated to exploring its surroundings, but it will also suffer when its teeth begin to appear, so it is essential that you keep items such as cables away from its reach.

On the other hand, it is important that the puppy is in a protected space with all its things (bed, feeder, drinker, toys…), and that when you go to work, you do not leave it at home. Only in this way will you be able to avoid biting the sofa and other furniture. As you get used to being in his space, you will be clear about his limits.

The importance of walks and daily activity

As we told you at the beginning, if your dog does not have the activity it needs in its day-to-day life, it is very likely that it tends to discharge its energy with destructive acts such as biting the sofa and other furniture. Therefore, do not forget to take him for a walk several times each day (not just to relieve himself), but remember that each breed has its own needs in terms of exercise, an English bulldog is not the same as a greyhound!