Now that we’re entering the midst of the January blues, it’s time to cheer yourself up with some well-earned pampering. It wasn’t long ago that men’s haircuts were uncreative, especially when opting for a shorter cut. However 2016 was the year of immense creativity within the world of hairdressing, and 2017 is set to be even more exciting.

This year we will continue to see effortlessly cool textured short haircuts, slick pomades and more of the unique curly hairstyles that we saw emerging throughout 2016. Men’s hair trends are pushing creative boundaries that are mixing smart with edgy, and preppy with a rock ‘n’ roll attitude. So, let’s take a look at the top trends for men’s hairstyles in 2017.

Top 4 Men’s Hairstyles to Try - man, hairstyle, Hair, fashion

Short Hairstyles

According to Men’s Hairstyles Now, short haircuts are the go to style as it is easy to manage. Simply towel dry and apply a little amount of hair product and you’re good to go! Some shorter hairstyles don’t even need the application of hair product. Shorter hairstyles such as a crop with a high fade, slick back for short hair and a Caesar cut with short sides, can give a smart and clean cut look.

However, if you want to combine this smart look with something a little edgier take a look at styles such as a short slick back with wavy hair, a slightly longer thick crop with texture, or a buzz cut with a hair design.


Pomade is a men’s hair product used for styling. Originally, most pomades were oil-based or high shine products used to create slick styles, including the side part, slick back and pomp. Although some pomades still are oil-based, most are actually water-based to  ease the process of washing it out of men’s hair. Furthermore, some fiber and clay hair products can fall under this term as well. You’ll want to read this guide on the difference between pomade, gel and wax before choosing which is best for you!

Hair styles that are on trend for 2017 that work with these products are the classic slicked back style, short sides with a medium texture on top, a side comb over, or a medium length pompadour. All these styles will give you that preppy but rocker edge.

Curly Cuts for Thick Hair

Curly can be one of the more difficult hairstyles to style and pull off well, but it will also offer a unique look that’s one of a kind. Curly styles can look good on short, mid-length or longer hair, it doesn’t matter how long your hair is it can work with almost any cut.

The hottest trend right now for men’s curly hairstyles is a short back and sides, with a unique fade into bangs (fringe) at the front with a mess of hair on top. These styles offer a lovely flow of movement throughout the entire head of hair.

Disconnected Undercuts

The disconnected undercut is one of the most popular cuts as we head into the beginning of 2017. In simple terms, this style is where you have shaved or very short sides and longer hair on top. This style is very versatile and works for different lengths and thickness of hair.

The disconnected undercut can be styled into quaff hairstyles, comb overs, natural messy looks and even Mohawk styles. Just be careful when choosing very short haircuts as they are best for certain face shapes and hair types.

Whether you have long or short, thick or thin hair, with these top styles for this year you’ll be the talk of the town with your do!