TVs in this day and age are both massive and affordable, making it easier than ever for gamers to create the perfect setup for their living room or game room. That being said, many may instead choose to game solely on their PC or find a portable device that helps them take their experience anywhere.

Although consoles like the PS5 or Xbox Series X may not seem like they’re at the pinnacle of gaming culture, there are benefits to gaming on a big screen TV instead of a smaller computer monitor. If you’re interested in learning more about gaming and big screens, let’s dive into the four benefits that gaming on these popular displays has to offer.

1. TVs are far more affordable than most gaming computers of today.

You can easily get a good TV for as little as $200, which is about the price of a basic laptop. In today’s world, gaming computers are all the rage, with players spending upwards of $1,000 for laptops or desktop and monitor combinations. Then, they often have to spend more on keyboard modifications, sound equipment, and other design features. Unless you’re a competitive gamer worried about variable refresh rate (VRR), input lag, and response time, most gaming TVs will get the job done with ease and cost you far less than a new gaming PC.

But what type of TV do you need? A great way to get started is to do some research on the best gaming TV options out there and whether they fit your needs. Whether it’s the LG CX OLED TV or the Samsung Q80T QLED T TV, there are plenty of great options out there to choose from. Just make sure that you look into the buyer reviews and see what other gamers are saying before you make the purchase!

2. You’re less likely to experience eye strain when you’re sitting away from your TV.

Top 4 Benefits of Gaming on a Big-Screen TV - tv, Lifestyle, gaming

Some people can become so focused on the resolution and brightness of their displays that they don’t think about how their TV affects their vision. Whenever you’re too close to any screen, you run the risk of developing eye strain.

For gamers who don’t use eye protection when gaming on their PC, don’t take breaks and don’t bring more natural lighting into the room, this can be a real problem. Having the distance you need to view your gaming TV comfortably is another reason why a game console/TV setup is superior to PC gaming.

3. You have the perfect space to host game nights with your friends.

True, you could always jump online with your friends to play your favorite PC games. But if you ever want to have a party where you all game together, the last thing anyone wants to do is bring over their laptops and try to find a comfortable position. With a big-screen TV, you have the ability to throw a gaming party where everyone can gather around your new TV, play a multiplayer game together, and enjoy what the night has in store.

Of course, having the best TV for gaming isn’t the be-all and end-all of your gaming experience. Head down to the liquor store to grab your favorite wine or beer, stock up on snacks, and set the tone for the night ahead!

4. You have a more versatile system that caters to more than just gaming.

Top 4 Benefits of Gaming on a Big-Screen TV - tv, Lifestyle, gaming

A gaming PC is mostly designed for gameplay. Sure, some users may do work on their gaming PC, but these products are typically only used for gaming. A TV, on the other hand, isn’t just for gaming.

When you get tired of a certain game, you can easily switch over to cable or a streaming device to enjoy other types of content. If you’re someone who doesn’t use a PC that much, opting instead for a console and a TV setup will provide you with the versatility you need for your entertainment space.

PC gaming seems to be the main focus for gaming today, but that doesn’t mean that TVs and consoles are obsolete. If you’re thinking about getting a new TV and want one that meets your gaming needs, take a look at the four benefits above to see why TV gaming can offer a greater experience for everyone involved.