You look up and suddenly your child is10! You start thinking about how time flew by so fast. It’s just the other day that you held them in your hands as a baby.

But 10 is a big year, and it’s only right to throw a birthday party that befits it; that straight-off Pinterest, picture-perfect party that your 10-year old will never forget.

Tips to Making My 10-Year Old's Birthday Special - special, location, kid, girl, cake, Birthday, activities

With these special tips, you will throw the best party in the most unforgettable way. Here are 10 tips to make your 10-year old’s birthday special:

1. Rent a party bus

Need we say more? There is nothing as special and adventurous as celebrating in transit. You can choose a party bus to pick every child from their respective homes and drop them back.

A company like Party Bus Rent will ensure you have the best vehicle for the occasion at an affordable rate. The buses are spacious, luxurious, and exactly what your 10-year old needs to make a statement!

2. Have a birthday theme

When picking out a theme, it’s best to go with what your child loves. For instance, if they love Scooby-Doo, you can find party goodies that match the spectrum.

This could be cups and plates or even party crafts.

No matter the kind of party you are throwing, make sure your child is involved in picking out the theme. This way, they will enjoy it, even more, when it comes to fruition.

3. Send out invitation cards and include relevant information on it

An invitation card is the only way to make your guests aware of your 10 year old’s birthday party.

Your invitation should have the arrival time, end time if it applies, and other important nuggets like the dropping off of children, and a phone number where parents can reach you in case they drop off and leave their children.

Also, state if you are serving food so guests can know if they should feed their kids beforehand or not.

4. Ask parents to kindly respond to the invitation

This will give you an idea of the number of guests that you will have at the birthday planning. There is no need to throw an extra-large party with plenty of food and treats when only six guests will show up.

This will end up as a great waste. Thus, an RSVP will make your job easier.

5. Include details that are age-appropriate

Everything from the food to the activities should be befitting for a ten-year-old. If the kids in attendance are of a wide range of ages, try to include activities that will suit them too.

At least the children in attendance should be seven to ten years of age.

6. Choose an age-appropriate location

If you don’t have room to host the party, there are numerous venues for hire. You can even ask to use a friend’s house.

However, you should finalize these details several months in advance, not during the last-minute planning. This will ensure everything is in place and there is no confusion.

The location should be child-friendly.

7. Schedule the activities

What’s a birthday party without fun activities? The trick is to schedule each and every one of the activities. Don’t be spontaneous.

Go for activities in 10-15 minute intervals. Remember, children have short attention spans. Therefore, simplicity is key.

For instance, freezing dancing, and molding clay is a great activity for children of this age. Just make sure that there are adults helping out.

8. Book the entertainment beforehand

An entertainer should bring life to your child’s party. However, you have to make this booking beforehand to ensure that they will fit into your party schedule.

Take note of details like space and how long their performance will be. This will allow you to plan yourself well and know what to expect.

9. Order a befitting cake

There will be nothing more special to your child than hearing all of his friends and family chanting out” happy birthday”.

Don’t forget to make your cake order in advance so that you can see the final product before the party. Include little plates and forks that will help the kids enjoy the delicious treat.

10. Send everyone home with fun party favors

Do not forget to hand out goody bags at the end of the birthday. There are numerous options for favors related to your theme available at different price points.

If there are things that you did not use at the party, send them home with guests. Ensure what you choose is clearly labeled with the respective child’s name.

There you go! 10 tips that will make your 10-year old’s party special! When the party’s over,  send thank you notes to every guest in attendance.