Things to Look for Before Buying a Kitchen Mixer Tap - mixer, kitchen, home

Photo by Ellen Auer on Unsplash

Taps are the jewel of every kitchen. They add a sense of beauty and elegance to any home and have the ability to transform even the most modest of homes into something rather exquisite. Why then should anyone purchase a tap without giving it some real consideration? This becomes even more true when the tap you are looking to get is the king of taps ─ a kitchen mixer tap.

Looking to get yourself a kitchen mixer tap? Here are five things you absolutely need to consider before you even think of choosing one.

Note: This list wouldn’t contain “budget” because you probably knew that already and I’d rather not waste your time. So with that said, let’s get to it.

1.   Ease of Use

This is one of the first things to consider when purchasing any tapware. It doesn’t matter how fancy or how much of a good deal you may be getting for a tap, if it wouldn’t be easy to use (for you and anyone else who might need to use it e.g your kids), then you shouldn’t be buying it. Your kitchen mixer tap is no exception. If it wouldn’t be easy to use, you should consider choosing another one instead.

2.   Fit for Your Kitchen

You could find a really good kitchen that would be a TERRIBLE fit for you. Why? Because it would be a terrible fit for your kitchen. This could be for a number of different reasons.

It could be how your sink is mounted. Maybe you have a top-mounted sink ─ one that sits on the countertop. A kitchen like this can’t use a short-necked tap. It could also be the configuration of where your taps should be mounted. If you have a wall-mounted tap configuration, then you know whatever you would be getting should be wall-mounted as well.

3.  Number of Levers

Things to Look for Before Buying a Kitchen Mixer Tap - mixer, kitchen, home

Photo by Tyson on Unsplash

Some kitchen mixer taps are controlled by two levers or knobs. One for the hot water, another for the cold. Others are controlled by just one ─ you turn one way for hot water and turn another way for cold water. You want to keep this in mind when getting a kitchen tap mixer.

4.  Number of Sinks

Depending on the number of sinks you have, your choice of kitchen mixer taps should also be different. If you have just one sink, a typical kitchen mixer tap can be a great idea. If you have two sinks though, you might want to invest in a spring pull kitchen mixer tap.

5.  Tap Finish

The finish of your tap is yet another thing to consider. Like I said at the beginning of this post, the tap is the jewel of every kitchen. What’s the use of a jewel that looks out of place on what it was meant to beautify?

When choosing the best kitchen mixer tap for your home, consider the tap’s finish. Now compare it with your kitchen. Think about your counter, your sink, e.t.c. Does the finish fit in perfectly? Do they complement one another? If so, then that is the right tap for you. If not… well, you can definitely do better.

Remember, your tap is an important part of your kitchen. It is something you (and practically everyone in the family) would use often, probably more than once a day. You do not want to make a mistake when coming to a decision on which to buy, especially when the type of tap we are talking about is a kitchen mixer tap.