Tax filing remains one of the most daunting annual tasks. This is especially so because of the worries of getting slapped with fines, audits, or missing your deductions or getting an over deduction, among other cumbersome outcomes such as dealing with the IRS. Accountants take advantage of these facts to coerce people to file their taxes with them and end up extorting a lot of money from citizens whose only wish is to keep the law. However, you do need an accountant to file your taxes. This tax filing season, embrace filing your taxes without an accountant to enjoy a plethora of benefits including:

1. A sped-up tax filing process

You need to realize that even when getting your taxes filed by an accountant, it is still your task to gather all the necessary documents and present them to the accountant. What most people do not realize, and something that accountants will rarely let you in on, is the fact that gathering these documents is the hardest part of the entire process. Once you have them all arranged, you can complete your own taxes in under 30 minutes. This is advantageous considering that the best accountants usually take at least a week to process your paperwork and file your returns.

The Top 4 Benefits to Filing Your Taxes Without an Accountant - taxes, tax, softwares, process, cost, benefits, advantages, accountant

2. Great reduction in cost of tax filing

The upfront savings of preparing your own taxes rather than hiring an accountant are a very lucrative incentive for filing your own taxes. Accountants charge almost double what tax preparers charge, and consequently much more than what you would pay for a tax software. Furthermore, using tax softwares comes with the added advantage of discounts, allowing you to save even more money. Feel free to view page to see some of the top discounts this season. Instead of hiring an accountant therefore, you could file your taxes yourself with the aid of tax softwares and save immensely.

3. A simple tax filing process

One of the reasons why tax filing is a disconcerting process is because of the procedures involved, especially when you file taxes with an accountant. You will need to book an appointment, gather your paperwork, and keep checking to ensure your paperwork was indeed processed and filed. You do not need to go through this process each time. Good tax softwares help you file your tax in an organized and simple manner. Furthermore, going through this process alone makes you learn the value of arranging your paperwork neatly over the next year to aid the next filing process.

4. Early tax filing with its advantages

We can all attest to failing to file our taxes early because of the false faith that accountants will get the work done anyway. However, all accountants do within the last month of tax filing is filing extensions. You are most likely going to start the process early when you envision doing it yourself. This will allow you the benefit of faster processing of any refunds aside from saving you from the last minute hassle.