Neither too wise nor too extravagant, the short square seduces the crowds. Cut just below the ears, the square has many advantages.

What face for a short bob?


The short bob is ideal when you have slightly prominent jawbones or cheekbones, a face in the shape of a triangle pointing upwards, a rectangle, or a hexagonal one, experts say. Oval faces love it too. It is also perfect for hiding ears that are a little too big or protruding, or if you have a small neck because the short square frees up the profile and highlights it.

On the other hand, women who have a large, square, or round face should rather avoid it: a short square-cut shape will “pack” them more. For this type of face, it is better to favor volumes on the top of the face. head.

Be careful, if you really want a short square and you have a round or square face, you can still use scissors, but you absolutely avoid the fringe which encloses the features even more and reduces the frame of the face.

The short square does not suit either the long graceful necks of dancers or the muscular shoulders of swimmers. As experts explain the short square exposes the bare parts, which creates an imbalance in the silhouette. These profiles will prefer long or mid-length squares, which dress the profile and the shoulders. 

What coloring is on a short square?


On the coloring side, the short square does not allow you to do shaded hair type techniques, because there is not enough hair to create a fade. On the other hand, we can bet on a scan or a uniform coloring, blonde, red, or brown, which can be tone-on-tone.

Short square: how to style it?

Depending on your desires, you can style a short square by smoothing the hair for a sophisticated look. Also, with a curler or a straightener, you can create a nice wavy effect. Finally, a short square absolutely does not prevent the use of hair accessories such as a headband, small barrettes, or even a ribbon.