The Hottest Summer Fashion Trend: 20 Stylish Off-the-Shoulder Top Outfit Ideas

From tops to dresses to jumpsuits, you’re sure to see a ton of shoulder-baring options out there. With tons of different kinds of tops out there, there are so many ways to incorporate this trend into your wardrobe. As it turns out, off-the-shoulder shirts are actually quite versatile – depending on the accessories, they can be dressed up or be made to look super casual. While this spring trend may not exactly be fit for the workplace, it’s a weekend and after-hours staple this season, for sure. By showing off your neckline and shoulders, an off-the-shoulder top is sexy and flirty while still leaving enough to the imagination. Don’t go too tight with this trend: The looser, bohemian look is the way to go. Dare we even suggest it’s the perfect summertime top that will instantly put you in the music festival mood but totally wearable once you leave your mosh-pit days behind you.

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