Showing diversity is the best way to celebrate it. The lingerie sector has understood this and has reinvented itself! Overview of brands that appeal to everyone.

Young or old, thin, midsize or fat? You can wear anything! And some lingerie brands have finally understood it. We present a selection of these brands that make it a point of honor to speak to all women (without exception).

Pioneer brands in the lingerie sector …

Many of them occupy prominent places in the lingerie sector and have long limited themselves to representing thin, white, and retouched bodies. Today, in the era of body positivity, they put diversity at the heart of their campaigns. And that delights us! From Chantelle to Etam, via Darjeeling, the heavyweights of the underwear industry highlight all bodies (therefore, obviously, ours too).

To Body positive start-ups

Some young brands have also decided to take up the challenge of being inclusive. The LOLO brand, for example, created in 2019, offers tailor-made underwear that promises invisible seams and very good support.

The Italian brand offers sublime lace sets from cup A to cup F.


Darjeeling leaves no one behind and offers models from cup A to cup H. On the branding side, we salute the diversity of the women it portrays. Young or old, slim, mid-size or fat? You are all represented.
Lolo is the benchmark brand for tailor-made lingerie. First, we answer questions and fill in our measurements, then we receive sets made precisely for us
Savage X Fenty
With its sexy cuts and pop lace, the brand created by Rihanna is for everyone.
Chantelle is the pioneer brand in the inclusive lingerie sector. We love this high-cut shorty, suitable for all body types.