If you’re planning a move to a warmer climate, like Florida, for retirement, then it’s time to consider your employment options. Many people decide to work instead of taking a traditional retirement so they have more disposable income or can stay involved in a passion project. Those who have a background in real estate can make an easy career transition into a Community Association Manager.

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Expand your skills working in a familiar field

Turn your retirement into a lucrative job where you can leverage your skills and abilities. Community Association Managers (CAMs) oversee the operations of communities or neighborhoods. Background as a real estate agent or Realtor is valuable when it comes to enforcing guidelines which affect the property values of a community and understanding the legalities of imposing fines. The role requires a broad knowledge of budgets, contracts, voting rights and funding for condos, timeshares, mobile home parks, or homeowner associations.

Continue work as a professional in your field

One frustrating aspect of partial retirement is that it’s hard to find professional work that isn’t full-time. You may relish directing your schedule and want more benefits from your job than what is available in an entry-level or associate position in traditional office or retail employment. Community Managers have flexibility in their working hours and can work from remote locations. Professionals in this role negotiate large maintenance and service contracts, engage lawyers to update association agreements and to enforce community guidelines, oversee high-dollar budgets and investments, and are responsible for protecting the property values of an entire community.

Achieve state licensing online at your convenience

The licensing requirements in select states can provide a professional status that other administrative or part-time jobs can’t. For example, obtaining a Florida CAM license online is required when you are paid for managing an association with more than ten units, or a community with a budget above $100,000. You aren’t required to be a resident to obtain Florida’s CAM license, although you will have to pass a background check. As long as you pass the CAM exam within 12 months of completing the 18-hour course and submit a licensing application, you are eligible for a CAM license.

Transition from commission to a predictable paycheck

An advantage of transitioning from real estate agent to CAM is the predictable paycheck. When living on a fixed income, it may be more convenient to have a stable income on which you can depend rather than trying to rebuild a referral-based small business in a new location.

Become a social media influencer in your new community

It can be difficult to control tenant perception of a community on social media. Licensed CAMs are prepared to handle rental turnover, manage marketing, social media, and advertising costs for properties. Learn how to creatively manage the narrative around your community by running the day to day operations of social media for a community while expanding the brand value and reputation.


Add community management experience to your real estate toolbox and obtain your CAM license through an online course. Open up a world of real estate career opportunities by getting your CAM license online.