While you may have been seeing the negative side of staying indoors during the lockdown, there are some awesome things you can do right now. If you’ve been running short of time to tend to your plants or clean the kitchen cabinet, you can get to work. And why not give your wardrobe a much-needed spring clean when you just have the time to do it! You may have been putting this one off for seasons now, so just go ahead. Here is a plan you can implement to give a makeover to your fashionable stuff.

Spring Cleaning Your Wardrobe This Lockdown Season - wardrobe, spring, clothes, cleaning

Just get started

The first step would be to get started because that’s what keeps us from actually doing it. Open up the closet when you have a few hours to spare and just empty it from top to bottom. This is a perfect lockdown distraction that can distress you in such stressful times. With everything scattered around, you will probably have no choice but to get the task done.


Once you have everything out, you will realize that there’s a lot you haven’t touched for a couple of years and won’t use it in the future as well. These may be outfits that are out of trend or ones that no longer fit (you may have gained or lost a few pounds). Such pieces are the best candidates for a wardrobe declutter. Gather them, pack them in a bag, and donate them to someone in need.


Your collection will be much lighter after decluttering, so you can go ahead with the segmentation now. Sort the formal stuff and hang them carefully because you will probably not use them for some time. Keep the comfortable daily wear clothing at the most accessible spot because you will want them to be in reach. Select a couple of outfits for your video conferences because you need to look good while facing the clients and co-workers virtually.

Give in to temptation

Just because it is crisis time doesn’t mean that you can’t shop. Give in to the temptation but be a smart shopper. You can pick a Target circular or flyer online and shop in sales to get the most amazing fashion outfits at best prices. Some shopping at present will surely pep up your mood and you can pick trendy fashion outfits for wearing to work once things get back to normal.

Check accessories as well

Spring cleanup for your wardrobe is not just about your outfits but accessories as well. Have a good look at your footwear, bags, belts, and scarves. Apply the formula of decluttering, segment, and organize to them as well. You can check ads and pick some new accessories if you need them. A clean up for the accessories will surely do wonders for revamping your closet and making space for all that you want to buy once the lockdown is over.

Spring cleanup for your wardrobe is a great way to stay occupied and spend your time in a productive way. At the same time, it will help you give away the extras and prepare your shopping list for the next season.

Author Bio: Elena Gibbs, the happy-go-lucky writer working with the Outreach Monks team is their youngest recruit. Besides writing, she is a great mother of two daughters and a loving housewife for about 7 years now.