Tired of superfluous fat in your belly? Wear a slimming girdle to refine your silhouette. The fabric and natural fibers press and hold the waist. Are you lost in your choice? Read our ranking of the top 5 of the best slimming girdles, to help you find a flat stomach.

Flat stomach: why use a slimming girdle?


Flat stomach slimming girdles are initially designed for women. But men can also wear it. They work by eliminating superfluous fat in the abdomen. They have 4 specific objectives:

  • Elimination of superfluous belly fat;
  • Flat belly ;
  • Weightloss ;
  • Thinner silhouette.

Wearing a slimming girdle is an interesting solution in more ways than one:

  • Above all, with a flat stomach, you feel better.
  • You relearn to appreciate your figure:
  • You regain self-confidence;
  • You say goodbye to complexes;

Slimming girdles can be made of different materials: latex, nylon, or even elastane. They can also adopt different cuts. To choose the sheath that suits you, take into account the following 4 criteria:

  • The target area;
  • Material and comfort;
  • The compression or sustain level;
  • Size.

Sheathing support panties to reduce your fat mass

The soft nylon and elastane-spandex construction of this shaping panty make for comfortable and breathable panties. The high-waisted design and the 27 OS steel composition can tighten the waist, to flatten the belly instantly.

Flaunt beautiful curves on all occasions with this underwear specially designed for women. Enjoy the comfort offered by its quality fabric and its double-lined construction. Its honeycomb structure on the thigh part will be soft and breathable. The use of spandex, a material that is both strong and elastic, improves wearing comfort. The set allows you to have slimmer thighs and a flat stomach.