Wardrobe malfunctions can be a struggle when wearing certain styles of clothes. Visible undergarments and unintended skin exposure can attract unwanted attention and cause embarrassment. There is also the added problem of looking unprofessional and ill-prepared when wardrobe malfunctions occur at work or during an important event.

While it’s a good idea to have a sewing kit, safety pins, and other quick fixes at the ready, it’s best to take measures that help prevent clothing glitches from happening in the first place. Anticipating the problem before it happens allows you to adjust your outfit accordingly. Hence, we’ve compiled a list of tips you can use to avoid common wardrobe malfunctions.

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Prevent Unwanted Exposure with an Extra Layer of Clothing

When you’re wearing something short, like a skirt or shorts, you risk having your underwear exposed when the garment rides up your legs. This can happen when you bend down to pick something up or if a strong gust causes the hem to move higher up your thighs. You may end up spending the rest of the day feeling self-conscious about your outfit and constantly pulling at the hem instead of focusing on your activities.

To help you avoid this problem, consider wearing antimicrobial leggings and tights under your shorts or skirt. Leggings and tights, especially dark-colored ones, will keep your underwear hidden from view even if the wind blows your skirt straight up. Moreover, if you feel like you may be exposing too much skin while wearing a skirt or shorts, you can wear leggings or tights to cover your legs.

Some tops can also result in unwanted exposure. A see-through top or a blouse with a plunging neckline may be trendy to wear but can result in showing more skin than you had intended. If you prefer to keep your bra hidden or to minimize the amount of cleavage that you show, you can wear a camisole or tube top under your shirt. These garments can provide coverage for your chest and torso while you’re wearing apparel that may be considered revealing.

Pin or Clip a Loose Bra Strap

Bra straps always seem to have a mind of their own. No matter how much you tighten or adjust them, straps always seem to slide down your shoulders. When you’re wearing a t-shirt or sweater, you may not feel the need to move the straps back into place since no one will see them anyway. However, when you’re wearing something sleeveless, exposed bra straps can be embarrassing, and having to constantly put them back in place can be annoying to deal with.

If this is something that happens to you, you can secure your bra straps with a safety pin before you leave the house. Pin the strap to your top so they don’t slide down. You can also purchase a bra clip to bring the straps together behind your back. The clip tightens the straps and keeps them in place.

Hide Underwear Lines with Shapewear 

Sometimes, when you’re wearing tight clothing or garments made of thin fabrics, they make your underwear line apparent. This results in an outfit that lacks polish and looks poorly-styled. Panty lines can also be unseemly when they’re evident under your work trousers or skirt. Moreover, if your underwear is digging into your skin, tight clothing can display the unflattering curves they leave behind.

To help you achieve a seamless look, use shapewear over your underwear before putting your bottoms on. Shapewear will not only hide your underwear line, but it will also smoothen out any other extra inches you may want to keep hidden. Shapewear also comes in various designs so they can remain inconspicuous under any style of clothing.

Avoid Any Wardrobe Mishaps with Tape 

Tape can be used to fix clothing into place, either by sticking it directly onto your skin or another fabric. Regular double-sided tape can be used in some instances but if you need it to adhere to the skin, fashion tape is recommended. This specially-developed tape won’t lose its adhesive properties even when you sweat, plus it won’t hurt your skin when you’re ready to take it off. Using fashion tape can save you from many kinds of wardrobe mishaps, including the following scenarios:

Secure Loose Clothing 

Whenever you’re dealing with loose clothing or fabrics, use tape to prevent them from slipping out of place. For example, if you’re wearing a top with a plunging neckline, movements like bending forward can cause your chest to become overexposed. To avoid this, you can use tape to secure the fabric to your skin and ensure your top doesn’t dip even when you move around. You can even use tape to ensure your bra straps never slide down your shoulders. Simply tape your straps to your top or skin to keep them in place.

Another example is loose foot socks that keep sliding down your ankles. This usually leaves you with bunched-up socks in your shoes, which can be uncomfortable. You can keep your socks up by taping them to your legs.

Prevent Accidental Exposure

When you’re wearing a button-down shirt, there are times when the placket gapes open on your chest area. Normally, the buttons that secure the overlap between the two shirt panels are enough to keep you covered but if the shirt is too tight or a button fails, your bra and chest can become exposed. To keep the placket in place, you can stick the fabric panels together using tape. This will help you maintain a clean and professional look throughout your meeting or interview.

You may also want to prevent your dress or shorts from accidentally riding up your thighs, which can happen when you bend or when there’s a sudden gust. Tape the hem of your dress or shorts to your thighs, and they’ll remain in place whether you’re walking or bending down.

Anticipating wardrobe malfunctions before they can happen can help you avoid feeling embarrassed or annoyed in public. To accomplish this, always inspect your clothes after putting them on. If there’s a risk of you running into any of the mishaps detailed above, take measures to secure your clothing and prevent any unwanted exposure. Following these tips will guarantee that you retain a flawless style and professional look wherever you go and whatever you do.