Microsoft Azure is reaching new heights by every passing day. While more and more businesses are adopting this futuristic cloud computing, more and more Azure professionals are needed. And one of the ways to validate your skills in this area is to earn a proper credential. Regarding the mentioned technology, this is Microsoft Certified Azure Data Engineer Associate certification which will broaden your opportunities in the IT world.

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Professionals working asAzure Data Engineers carry the onus of upright and hassle-free implementation, maintenance &security of full Azure stack. They ensure that a business is making most of its Azure investments. So, they are highly sought-after.

Now, the legit question here is: How you can become one? In this post, let’s discuss the answer to it starting with the badge’s features and then moving to Microsoft DP-200 Exam Questions exam details.

Certification Path

The Microsoft Certified: Azure Data Engineer Associate is a middle-level badge created for candidates who already have some experience in this sphere and know how to implement different Azure services. You should have these skills to be totally prepared for the exams’ tasks because this credential will validate your skills in areas like:

  • Azure Management;
  • Azure Security;
  • Data Privacy & Compliance;
  • Design Azure data storage & processing solutions;
  • Monitor and optimize data solutions;
  • Azure System Monitoring;
  • Manage and develop data processing.

You can earn this certificationby passing two assessments:

A.    Exam DP-200 — Implementing an Azure Data Solution

B.    Exam DP-201— Designing an Azure Data Solution

Today, we will discuss the ways to pass DP-200 exam as without acing it, you can’t move any further visit Microsoft Practice Questions.

Microsoft DP-200: Exam Overview

DP-200 assessment is a 150-minute-long test wherein you need to answer 40-60 questions that are usually presented in the form of case studies, single choice & multiple-choice, build lists, repeated answers, and drag-and-drop. You can appear for this exam in English, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified), and Korean languages after paying a fee of $165 USD.

This test was designed to measure your skills in data storage solutions implementation (40-45%), data processing/managing/developing (25-30%), and monitoring & optimizing data solutions (30-35%). Also, the prior knowledge of several Azure solutions and services will help you secure good grades. They are Azure Cosmos DB, Azure Blob storage, Azure Synapse Analytics (or, Azure SQL DW, as it was known as, formerly), and Azure Data Lake Storage just to name a few. So, passing this assessment will validate numerous competencies and thus can open doors to a whole new world of opportunities.

Passing the Test with

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