A little paint goes a long way. Let the bloggers show you how just one can can totally transform everything from walls to furniture to bright, upcycled accessories. If you’ve got a can of spray paint, there’s a lot you can do! Spray paint today offers you more than just the ability to quickly refresh the paint or even change the color of something. Spray paint is a great invention. It sure has drawbacks like the smell, the fact that aerosols aren’t great for the environment and all that, but it also has great advantages that make it popular, especially among DIY fanatics.

File Cabinet Makeover

File Cabinet Makeover

Painted Birdhouses

Painted Birdhouses

Chunky Necklace

DIY Chunky Necklace

Painted Plant Stand

Spray Painted Plant Stand

Penny Vase

DIY Penny Vase

Color Block Vases

DIY Color Block Vases

Fluro Cutlery

Fluro Cutlery

Toilet Paper Holder

Dino Toilet Paper Holder



Metal Galvanized Tub

Not So Metal Galvanized Tub

Chrysanthemum Clock

DIY Chrysanthemum Clock

Cupcake Pedestal

DIY Cupcake Pedestal

Glass Vase

DIY Mercury Glass Vase

Gold And White Bowls

DIY Gold And White Bowls

Can Flower Pots

Soup Can Flower Pots

Side Table

DIY Side Table


Spray Painted Lace Chairs

Spray Painted Lace Chairs

Golden Logs

Anthropologie Inspired Golden Logs