In many ways this is a daft question, your electricity bill is always too high. The only way to really solve this issue is to go off grid and create all your own power. Unfortunately this is not a practical solution for most people yet.

The average Australian house pays between $1,600 and $2,000 on electricity per year. That’s a lot of money even if electricity is essential to modern life.

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The good news is that, no matter what your situation, it is possible to reduce this amount.

Check Your Wiring

Your first stop should be at the local electrician in Sydney. An appointment to check your electrics is worthwhile. They should be able to identify any issues and even locate any unexpected or unusual drains on your electricity supply.

This may not create a huge saving but it will ensure that your electrics are safe to use. They can also provide additional tips to help you reduce your electricity bill.

Leaving It Plugged In

One of the biggest drains on any modern home is the number of items that are left plugged in. Even on standby mode your television and other devices will be drawing power from your grid.

Each device may only use a small amount but if you multiply this by the number of devices and work out the cost over the year you’ll be surprised at how much difference it makes.

Unplug anything you’re not using.

Uneconomic Appliances

Older appliances will not be as economically efficient as the newer versions of the same product. While you can’t change your appliances every day it is worth looking at the cost of a new appliance if your current one is more than a few years old.

You should be able to get a trade in discount and the cost of purchasing the appliance can actually be offset by the savings surprisingly quickly.


You probably turn your lights onto brighten the rooms; especially on a dark winter’s day. However, this can burn through your electricity and may be ineffective.

You should consider getting targeted lighting; illuminate the areas you need it to rather than everywhere.

It is also important to switch to LED bulbs. These use a fraction of the power of a standard bulb but offer just as much light; that’s a win-win situation!


Just as leaving appliances plugged in can drain your electricity supply so can leaving chargers plugged in.

If you look round your hoe you’ll probably realize that you have a lot of items that rely on being recharged.

Unfortunately if you leave the charger plugged into the electric supply; even when the device is not charging; you’ll still be drawing electricity! Again, unplug to save yourself money.


Don’t forget that insulation helps you to keep the heat in your home. If you don’t have enough of this or have gaps round your doors then you’re losing heat. This can impact your electricity bill even if you don’t have electric heating. After all, even a gas boiler relies on electric thermostats and power to kick start it.