Unfortunately, many people are not born with a picture-perfect smile. There’s always something that keeps them a few steps away from achieving that Hollywood smile. You might have yellowing teeth that painfully stand out. Worse yet, a crooked, chipped, broken, stained, discoloured tooth/teeth might be keeping you back from the very natural and beautiful act of smiling itself. To overcome that, some people cover their mouth with their hand when laughing or smiling. However, you don’t have to do all these things any more by getting dental crowns in Turkey.

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Truth be told, having crooked, stained, or missing teeth is bothersome. You can wear braces to straighten your teeth although it takes quite some time, sometimes years. Some yellow-brown stains are almost impossible to remove through simple teeth whitening procedures. If your teeth have undergone significant decay, then there’s nothing better than having a dental crown. The best part is that all your dental transformation will be completed in just a week in Turkey. Your new teeth will function and “behave” just like your natural ones.  

So, What Are Dental Crowns?

Unlike dental veneers that are thin laminates covering only the front side of the tooth, dental crowns are like tiny tooth-sized caps that cover the decayed or shaved tooth from all sides. They are used after root canals or protecting the underlying tooth by covering them. And as mentioned above, if you have badly discoloured or decayed teeth, dental crowns provide a pretty good solution.

What Happens in the Dental Crown Appointments?

The process begins by the shaving down of your teeth to prepare a base for the crowns. Afterwards, the dentist takes impressions with the help of a mould. This is to determine the size and shape of each crown and make them suitable for your mouth and teeth. Next comes the part where you’ll have to decide the colour of your crown. You can choose it yourself, but make sure to consult your dentist about it. Otherwise, sometimes choosing the wrong shade can make the dental crowns look fake and odd.

Soon after, your dentist will start preparing the crowns. This process takes around 3 days. However, you don’t have to worry about moving around with shaved teeth as you will be given temporary crowns so that you can eat and drink easily. Also, it’ll give you a “normal” mouth in the meanwhile.

On the second appointment, your dentist will try the crowns on you so that you can see the shape and the colour. If they require any changes, your dentist will take notes and perform changes accordingly.

On your last appointment, which will roughly take place after 2 days, you will finally meet your new teeth. Their final shape and look will be ready. The dentist will try them on you, and if you’re happy with them, they will fit your new teeth in place. And so, in just a short time instant transformation will take place. You can smile freely and happily.

How You Can Pass Your Time in Turkey

Turkey is a tourist destination, so no matter where you go, you will find something to enjoy here. There are gigantic shopping malls where you can buy some wonderful souvenirs to take back home. You can go to the beaches and dip your toes in the sand or hear the sound of lapping waves. Other than that, there’s always the breath-taking architectural wonders waiting to welcome you around the city. Turkey has a history blooming in every part of the country. It has been the cradle of many great civilisations.

If you’re a bit of a food lover, then you’re just at the right place. The doners, kebabs, kofte, dolma, baklava, simit, dondurma, and Turkish teas and coffees will fill your heart with happiness. You can enjoy a whole week in Turkey, surrounded by sheer beauty.

Concluding Remarks

Your smile is something that you should never feel ashamed about. A little imperfection shouldn’t deteriorate the quality of your life. Poor oral health sometimes ends up giving the impression that a person doesn’t take care of themselves. However, this isn’t always true because sometimes things are out of our control. You may be born with crooked teeth, or you may have lost your teeth in an accident. Even if that’s not the case, you can always decide to bring a change in your life no matter what time. If you’re tired of hiding your teeth every time you smile, then you should get dental crowns.