Following on from the Work From Home Daily Schedule, it’s time to delve a little deeper into WFH etiquette. This includes workspaces, comfy clothes, taking breaks and even eye health. This is a very weird, stressful time for a lot of people, so there are no hard and fast rules. Just do what feels comfortable, and remember to be kind to yourself! Hopefully, with these hints and tips, you can add a bit of structure to those home office days!

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Firstly, how you set up your space makes a huge difference. Tidy desk, tidy mind, right? A clean workspace means you know where everything is that you need for the day, and there’s no clutter to distract you. Did you know different scents can affect how you feel? Why not treat yourself to a candle or diffuser, not only does it make your space cozier, but it can also boost your mood and make you more productive!

Furthermore, ensuring that your workspace has a good connection will ensure you can stay efficient and on top of your tasks. Checking for good internet availability by address means you will get the best speed to work well. 


Staring at a screen giving you a headache? Increased laptop time can be super harsh on your eyes, leading to issues like migraines, cataracts and eye strain. Your eye health is so important, so it’s good to make yourself aware of potential risks and causes of eye problems. Worsening eyesight can cause so many problems in the future as well, so it’s worth doing your research and looking into companies and products like Panoptix so that if any issues do pop up, you know exactly who to call.


Comfort is key when working from home, but working in your PJs can quite literally make you feel like you’re ready for bed! Try to find a happy medium- getting ready for the day actively makes you feel like you’re preparing for something, but you don’t need to wear a suit and heels around the house. Not only is it not comfy, but it also just adds to the laundry! Why not try pairing some slacks with a funky blouse, or even a floaty dress. It also means that when it comes to bedtime, you get more of a wind-down routine than just switching from the couch to the bed (which we’re all something guilty of, right?).


Whilst you might think that cutting out the commute and staying at home will make you more productive, that travel time allows you to prepare and wind down before and after work. A scheduled lunch break at the office is also beneficial to allow you to recharge mid-day. So why should that change at home? Make sure to give yourself a good lunch break, have a healthy bite and maybe even head out for a walk if you can. If you work on a computer or laptop, make sure you regularly stretch, to ease any aches and pains, and get your blood flowing!

Be kind

Be patient with yourself! We are all getting to grips with this new world, and who knows how long it might last? If you need a PJ day, that’s cool! If you want to work from the comfort of your couch for a few hours, go for it! These are only guidelines that might help nudge you in the right direction. Share these tips and your own, and find what works for you!