Though some people worry themselves with questions such as what does a bark scorpion look like, there’s more they need to worry about. Scorpions can intimidate and create fear in anyone. They can make you shiver and quiver. Their chunky, sharp claws and stingers that are filled with venom can give you a fatal sting. To save yourself from the discomfort and stress that may result because of a scorpion sting, you need to know how to prevent them from entering your property.

How To Prevent Scorpions From Invading Your Property - yard, scorpion, prevention, home

Here are some ways to bar this deadly pest from invading your residence:

1.Tend Your Lawn

All scorpions, like human beings, need shelter to survive. Their ideal places for protection are covered areas. If you have piles of leaves, stones, and wood in your yard, they may live under them. Most people don’t like doing yard work because it can be tedious, especially if it’s hot. But to keep yourself from these creepy crawlers, you need to limit the debris in your yard as much as possible. Doing little work daily can help you manage them.

You should place all woodpiles, rocks, and plants more than two feet away from your house. Also, before buying outdoor furniture, flowers, or boxes, ensure you check them for scorpions. Scorpions enter people’s homes when the climate isn’t dry, or if they can’t find sources of food. They slip through cracks and gaps around doors, utilities, foundations, and windows. Besides that, they prefer hanging out in dark places such as inside shoes, under cabinets, in garages, and on basements.

2.Minimize Moisture

Having too much moisture around your property isn’t advisable. Leaking pipes, gutters, and poor drainage can bring moisture. Ensure you always check for pipe leaks, work on your drainage, and repair anything that’s leaking in your home. Calling plumbers to do this work for you can help a lot. If you don’t have money to hire a plumber, you can research the internet to get information on how to do it yourself.

3.Call Pest Control Experts

Most people worry about being stung by scorpions. If it happens, you may experience pain, swelling, itching, and numbness. Depending on your age and health condition, you may experience additional problems. Worse still, if you’re allergic to venoms, you may experience severe symptoms such as vomiting and breathing difficulties.

All these possible risks make it necessary to call a pest control expert to advise you on the essential preventive measures to take. You can choose to schedule an appointment or call them. Pest control officers will carry out inspections around your property and advise you on the necessary adjustments to make. If you can afford to pay them more, they may even dust your compound with pesticides.

4.Do Away With Their Food

No living thing can survive without food. Plants, animals, and human beings need to eat to be nourished and to grow. To reduce the population of scorpions in your compound, it’s vital to take their food away. Scorpions love to feed on smaller insects and frequent places where these insects live – mostly hidden and moist areas. If you keep other insects at bay using pesticides, you’ll prevent scorpions from invading you. Be wary of insects such as ants and spiders.

Apart from controlling these insects, it’s crucial to inspect your compound for holes. If you find any that scorpions can hide in, ensure you seal them.

The Bottom-line

Scorpions may be small creatures, but they’re great terrorists. One sting from a scorpion can keep you in a hospital bed for hours. To prevent the stresses that come with scorpion stings, it’s vital to know how to prevent them from invading your compound. These tips can help you keep scorpions at bay.