It’s a wonderful feeling when you’re asked for an evening together. Maybe it’s the first one with someone you’re curious about. Maybe it’s a long-term relationship. Either way, dates are needed for building intimacy and can serve as the beginning of a lifelong relationship.

But as the clock keeps ticking, nerves get to you. You’re worried about saying or doing the wrong thing. You’re creating disasters before they happen. Now you’re dreading something you should be looking forward to.

Before you get to this point, just breathe, and keep reading. We’ll help you make all the right preparations for your big evening so you’ll be sure to have a second one.

How to Prepare for Date Night - women, night, fashion, date, bra

1. Figure out your outfit

The right outfit makes you feel like you look your best. Think about where you’ll be going. Heels would do great for dinner, but not so much for a night of dancing.

Test your outfit before it’s time to check for any imperfections. If you have to keep adjusting something, look for something else entirely; you may create a look that works that you never thought would work otherwise.

Finally, you need the right bra. Get an unlined bra for maximum comfort that will be concealed seamlessly under your top.

2. Take Yourself on a Date Beforehand

Both parties are searching for an investment. It means you want them to invest in you just as much as you want to invest in them.

Think about how well it will go when you’re ill-prepared; if you’re nervous, which will make your date nervous too. So, you may need a practice round before you jump right into first impressions.

Practice dating with a close friend by going out to dinner together. It may seem silly to pretend you’re getting to know each other for the first time, but this practice date will help you come up with answers to questions you may be asked. At the very least, it will help you get the nerves out.

3. Plan Your Makeup Carefully

If your makeup doesn’t get time to set, you run the risk of smudging it. Most makeup takes four or five minutes to completely dry. This means you need to be completely ready with a few minutes to spare.

Think about what kind of lighting you’ll be under.Dramatic makeup will be too harsh under natural lights. However, it is necessary if you’re going to a dimly lit restaurant. Otherwise, it’ll wash out your color.

Also, get your hair and nails done. Take a long, luxurious bath. Do things that give back to yourself – they’ll reflect in your appearance on your date.

4. Clear Your Schedule

It’s no fun to be spending your evening with someone who isn’t present. This is not the day to have any big discussions or deadlines. Otherwise, you’ll be distracted. This means no mulling over major issues at work or outside friendships. It can wait. Make sure all projects are complete, and everyone knows you’re off tonight.

5. Be Yourself

This advice may sound overused, but it gets so easily forgotten.

So often in movies, a young couple on their first date trades endless witty banter. That puts the pressure on. In real life, it doesn’t work like that.

Just be open, and be yourself. Don’t present a version of yourself that’s not authentic. Eventually, the truth will come out.

If they’ve asked to meet with you for an evening, they have an interest in you. Trust that and reveal who you are as it comes out naturally.

Make Your Evening Magical

The formula for a successful night out is much simpler than you think: it boils down to confidence. People are drawn to those who are comfortable in their own skin. That way, they’ll feel comfortable being themselves around you.

Keep this critical advice in mind when you’re preparing for the big night – and remember, have fun! It’s not every day that someone wants to take you out.