It is very commendable that modern young people do not want to sit on the neck of the parents and seek to make money on their own. Unfortunately, not all students are successful at this and end up procrastinating most of their time away.

This happens for various reasons: someone does not know where and how to look for a job if you are a student, and someone just does not understand the importance of earning money during the student years.

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5 Useful Tips for Students to Make Money

If you are a student and interested in how to make money, take note of these useful tips:

Don’t Demand Too Much from Your Employer

Remember, you have nothing to bargain with until you have no specialized knowledge, skills, diploma, to qualify you for higher wages costs, and higher positions.

Think about What Exactly You Could and Would Like To Do

Consider the following:

  • what you can do.
  • which skills you have.
  • how much time you are willing to devote to work.
  • could some job be useful to your future career?

Do Not Settle On Any Questionable Ways of Earning Money

Avoid quick money without any efforts – this is usually a clear sign of a scam. Financial pyramids, national ID scams – read all about it online and protect yourself. There isn’t such a thing as easy money in this world. If it was so easy, then everybody would be doing it.

Be Ready to Resolve Academic and Professional Conflicts

When combining work and education it is very important that you always prioritise the latter. There will always arise some time conflicts between these two spheres of your life. Many working students decide to let a professional to the editing college essay and other smaller assignments while concentrating on work and learning the theoretical material.

Try Out Different Options

There are many ways you can find a job – don’t dismiss any options due to prejudice. You can look for a job:

  • in the local center of employment (in every major city this is).
  • through ads in newspapers, advertising billboards, in public transport, etc.
  • on special work-focused websites.
  • through your acquaintances and relatives.
  • directly asking employers.

How to Make Money Online?

Considering that students need to devote quite a lot of time to their education remotely why not earn money this way too? There are a number of ways that you can utilize the internet to earn money effectively!

1. Freelance Platforms

There are many platforms on the Internet where a student can earn on by:

  • Writing articles.
  • Translating texts.
  • Writing dissertations, term papers, reference works, essays.
  • Surfing sites.
  • Administrating websites.
  • Moderating social networks.

2. Photostocks

If you like photography, you can make money through your hobby. It is not even necessary to have a professional camera and be able to process photos: a good smartphone and basic knowledge of Photoshop are enough for a student to earn money by selling their photos online.

You can sell your photos on photo stocks:

  • Clashot
  • Shutterstock
  • Depositphotos among others.

3. Selling Things Online

Think about what unnecessary things you or your parents and grandparents have that you could sell at online auctions. You may not only sell your own junk but also resell.

In this case, your earnings will depend on how cheap you buy the thing and at what price you resell it. It is possible that this type of additional income will become the main type of earning money. For example, many such collectors started earning money by reselling antiques while still a student at the Faculty of History.

How to Earn as a Student Without Any Knowledge And Skills?

If for some reason you are not a very confident PC user and do not have other knowledge and skills, it does not mean that you need to stop thinking about how to earn a student. There is enough work that does not require any qualifications.

Method #1. Call Center Operator

You don’t have to be very smart to take incoming calls and answer standard questions (answered by your employer). It is important to speak English fluently. Today, there are so many call centers that almost any student can earn money.

Method #2. Courier

It will be much easier for male students to earn money by performing courier duties – they are more often hired for such work. You can work 3 hours a day after classes and all day on Saturday or Sunday.

Although this work does not require any special knowledge and skills, you must be careful when delivering the goods: if it is damaged, its value will be deducted from your pay. Many companies also find their couriers for losing a receipt, late delivery, rudeness in communicating with customers, etc. Travel must be paid by the employer, do not agree to move around the city on your money.

Method #3. Cleaner, Auxiliary Worker, Janitor

If you do not shy away from hard physical labor, you can work in the cleaning service, construction assistant, janitor, gardener, etc. For example, any student can clean apartments on Saturdays.

Janitors clean the city early in the morning, so you can do it before class. And in your free time you can help residents of the private sector: chopping firewood, weeding, caring for the garden, watering flower beds, rowing leaves, sweeping the yard, etc. The cost of work depends on the difficulty and complexity of the work.

How to Make Money for Creatively-Inclined Students?

Creative personalities do not like to work hard with their logical brains or hands, so they are looking for any creative work. There are not so many such vacancies (there are almost none in smaller towns), but still, creative students can also earn money.

Option 1. Promoter

Attractive artistic students can earn promotions. You will need to smile nicely, hand out promotional products, product samples, offer to taste what you are advertising, participate in the show, etc.

Option 2. Extras

There are so many TV series, movies, and various shows in the US that every artistic student can make money by acting in extras. Of course, the situation highly depends on the town you’re studying in. It is best to look for vacancies on the Internet and on the websites of TV channels.

Prices for participation in mass events can be different, it all depends on the role you will play. Shooting usually lasts 2 – 6 hours. The money is paid at the end of the filming.

Option 3. Needlework

Students who are engaged in needlework (sewing, embroidery, knitting, jewelry, wood carving, beadwork, etc.) can earn by selling their products. You can sell your products by offering them to friends at university or by creating a group on social networks.

7 Additional Ways A Student Can Earn Money

Students today really have many opportunities to make money at least for their out-of-pocket expenses. There are vacancies available for both boys and girls. It’s silly not to take advantage of this chance to learn something new, make acquaintances and make money at the same time.

 PC system administrator

If you are studying to be a programmer, you can already earn good money by maintaining computers, writing programs, creating websites, installing Windows, programs and more.

Salesman, Manager, Administrator

Most shops, beauty salons, and other service facilities are open 12 (if not 24) hours a day. You can often find ads that need a salesperson, administrator, or manager for 1-2 days a week. Such workweeks are perfect for students.

Food Delivery

Gradually, we have the good old tradition of ordering food at home in the coronavirus times. Most commonly, it’s always either pizza or sushi. You can work as a delivery person in the evening and on weekends.

Distribution of Leaflets

This is a job that even a child can handle, and it brings in money. Any student can easily do it after day lectures for easy income.

Network Marketing

It is quite difficult to earn a lot of money in Network Marketing because the formation of the customer base and the involvement of other sellers in the company is not an easy and quick process.

Fast Food

Fast food diners are usually one of the first picks for students to work in. These places need low-level workers, and students are perfect for this. There are commonly short day options offered specifically for students.

The Work Doesn’t Bite

As you can see for yourself, there are plenty of options for where to earn as a student. Just do not be lazy to find them and learn to combine work with study. Once you’ll start earning the additional money – you won’t be able to stop!