The hourglass silhouette is characterized by a very defined waist and a similar width between shoulders and hips. We tell you what you should take into account when choosing the perfect pair of jeans.


How are the ideal jeans for the hourglass silhouette

  • Choose pants that are tight in the waist area.
  • Avoid oversized or very baggy cuts.
  • If you want to stylize the figure, opt for dark colors.
  • Although skinny jeans are a success, those that are tight to the hips and with a slightly flared hem will favor you much more.

Culotte jeans: versatility and trend


The culotte jeans have a high rise and wide leg, cut below the knee. The pattern of the culotte pants is very aesthetic and stylizes the figure a lot because it is narrow at the waist and wide at the legs. In addition, they are in full trend and are a must in street style.

How to wear culotte jeans if you are a woman hourglass

  • With body
  • With tops
  • With baggy shirts
  • Heeled shoes: stilettos will be great if you are looking for a chic and something formal point. You can also cheer up with split leather boots inside your pants.

The flare jeans, a safe bet


The jeans flare are slightly flared, sophisticated, and versatile. They have a high rise, above the waist, and are fitted at the hips and flared at the bottom (ending a few inches above the waist), and create a very flattering as well as a sophisticated silhouette, especially if the bell covers the shoe.

How to combine flare jeans if you have an hourglass silhouette

  • Heel, to stylize the figure and give your look a sophisticated air.
  • Straight cut or fitted outerwear such as a blazer or a biker.

Hold on, curves are coming with skinny jeans!


Skinny jeans have been the kings of the denim trend for many years. They are those that fit from the waist to the ankle (be careful, they are not slim, they have the lowest rise). This type of jeans highlights the curves a lot without adding volume.

Combine your skinny jeans with:

  • A straight-cut top will harmonize your silhouette.
  • Blouses with mini print to give a special touch to your look.
  • Give your figure verticality with a blazer or open cardigan.