Unlike vehicle crashes, train mishaps can be very destructive and cause loss of many lives. The weight and size of the moving train even at a lower speed can result in a devastating physical impact. Train accidents may be due to collision with other vehicles or trains, derailment, and bystander’s interference.

The impact is not just limited to injured or killed people. Several accidents contaminate the environment as well. For example, toxic substances getting released from an accident involving freight train carrying hazardous materials. In such cases, toxic spill or release can affect everything in the surrounding area including animals, plants, animals, people, rivers, streams, etc.

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Injures due to train crash can range from spinal injuries and broken bones to brain damage and paralysis. Passengers or pedestrians involved in a train collision can suffer from the huge medical expense, emotional trauma, and loss of wages, especially if their compensation is not fair or rejected. Besides, the statute of limitation is a determining aspect in claim validity.

If you are involved in such an accident, then consult Pottroff & Karlin, LLC law firm. The firm has offices across the US, defending train crash victims [only the public not railroad employee] against the railroad companies, who openly deny responsibility, especially at the railroad crossings.

A good train accident lawyer analyzes the case facts to determine the involved Railroad Company’s responsibility, expected compensation amount, and if necessary defend in the court of law on your behalf.

Common train accident causes

The train is a cost-effective and convenient transportation mode for commuters. Even railroad companies ensure to take every step needed for the safety of both railroad employees and passengers, but unfortunately, accidents still occur. The common train accident causes are –

  • Distracted and tired train operator
  • Mechanical failure
  • Defective railroad crossing signals or lights
  • Unsafe railroad condition like some equipment or foreign object left on track
  • High speed can cause derailment and extreme injuries
  • Negligent pedestrian or vehicle driver

The state law protects passenger safety. When the train crashes, the black box is recovered to check the train’s speed, direction, and other details. It gives an idea of what caused the catastrophe. Railway employees are protected under the FELA [Federal Employee Liability Act]. Bystanders are also victims of a train derailment or get knocked down at an unmarked railroad crossing.

It is wise to contact a train accident lawyer in Kansas and Manhattan, if you are a victim. These dedicated, experienced, and aggressive lawyers can not only guide you to necessary steps, but also receive fair compensation for the loss incurred by you. You can trust them during this challenging time.

Train accident compensation

Train accident victims eligible for compensation against injuries and damages differ. Common damages include –

  • Medical expenses
  • Property damages
  • Lost wages
  • Wrongful death
  • Earning capacity
  • Pain & sufferings

Contact train accident lawyers as soon as possible. Any delay can go in their favor. As soon as you hire a lawyer, he or she starts working on your case, finds the responsible parties, talks to witnesses, employs reconstruction experts, negotiates with train companies and insurance adjusters, etc. The lawyers charge fees on a contingency basis, which means you don’t need to pay upfront or only after you win!