Go To The Mountain And Return Fit

How many of you are dreaming to combine a healthy vacation with a magical mountain excursion? If not many of you are up for such an adventure, most probably you are not well informed with regard to what you may experience during such a trip.

Go To The Mountain And Return Fit

What does a healthy vacation mean?

Most of you probably associate the word vacation with one-week or two-week relax on some exotic or not that exotic island or mountain, and during the holiday you just relax calmly and give rest to all your senses.

So far, so good! Pleasure should be a part of the real rest, but unfortunately for many people it is expressed in over indulging in consumption of large amounts of food, drastic reduction of the motor activity, replaced by lying on the beach (in summer) or staying in front of the fireplace (in winter).

The increased calorie intake, the poor combination of foods and the decreased physical activity, lead to weight gain, and then naturally comes the need for weight reduction.

Go To The Mountain And Return Fit

One way to get rid of the kilograms gained during the Christmas and New Year’s holidays, or during the vacation a few months ago, it to choose a healthy vacation. The good and healthy vacation, whether is near the sea or in the mountain, should include basically limited calorie intake and increased physical activity.

How to limit the calorific intake?

In general, almost any type of diet would be a good choice when you look for a method to reduce weight. But not every diet guarantees you that you will keep the achieved results. That is why it is very important to adopt the new nutritional regimen slowly, not sudden/fast, you have to reduce the calorific intake gradually, in order your organism to be able to adapt to the new regimen, without “yo-yo effect” in which the kilograms are almost immediately restored after you stop the diet.

Be aware of the types of diets and also which of them would be beneficial to your organism.

Go To The Mountain And Return Fit

There are dietary regimens that totally exclude the carbohydrate consumption, but promote the consumption of meat, other diets recommend us to limit the dairy products and to focus on a varied vegetable menu. There are countless options!

Do your research and choose the regimen that would be in unison with your individual needs and preferences, and don’t forget that even if a given person has succeeded to reduce the overweight with a specific diet, this doesn’t mean that it will have the same effect in your case, because people are different and every organism is unique.

The healthy vacation includes physical activity

Most probably not many of you would rush into the gym or go for a run in the morning, in order to lose weight. That is why the healthy vacation includes a variety of physical activities that can help us lose weight.

Go To The Mountain And Return Fit

Unlike the vacation by the sea where the main activities are swimming and running on the beach, the mountain vacation offers us many options to challenge ourselves.

For example, one of the most effective entertainment activities that will help you lose weight are:

  • Mountain hikes, most often performed early in the morning until noon (as the organism is most active at that time);
  • Gymnastics such as yoga, pilates;
  • Mountain horseback riding;
  • Swimming in a mineral pool and so on.

Where to find a healthy vacation for weight loss?

Even if you have not visited Bulgaria, it is worthwhile to fix this mistake, because Bulgaria has many wonderful mountainous destinations. One of them is Bansko – this is also the most popular winter mountain destination not only in Bulgaria, but also in Europe.

You can reach Bansko in only 2-hour drive by car from the capital of Bulgaria, and it is an extemely attractive town, which provides countless opportunities for both winter and summer tourism. You can ski/snowboard in winter and walk around the picturesque mountains Rila, Pirin and Phodope Mountain, as the town is surrounded by them.

The town has well-arranged accommodation base and you can find a rich variety of hotels from 2 to 5 stars.

Go To The Mountain And Return Fit

There are not many hotels that have their own clinic as part of the hotel where you can undergo a weight loss course. LuckyFit is such a healthy weight loss clinic, which is situated in Lucky Bansko Spa & Relax – one of the most luxurious hotels in Bulgaria. LuckyFit offers numerous options – there are programs aimed at complete detoxification and programs that are targeted to escape from the city through anti-stress and mountain hikes.

You won’t regret choosing any of the programs of LuckyFit – they are extremely varied and guarantee the results if there is a need of weight loss.

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