There is no denying that the COVID-19 outbreak has significantly affected our lives over the past few months. Among the severe impacts that coronavirus has created, it also heightened hygiene consciousness in people; handwashing has become a new norm nowadays. Each one of us has received a memo to “wash the hands.”

Nothing remains as usual now! Dining out, movie plans, road trips, clubbing, dating, or even getting married.

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The lockdown helped us to strengthen our bond with loved ones and create amusing plans for proposing them, but the pandemic has scuppered marriage ceremony for many people. The horrid virus has put many blockbuster-wedding intends to stop. And those unique 1-carat diamonds engagement rings are “locked up” in your closet too.

Nevertheless, some are still getting engaged. And if you are also planning to tie knots with each other amidst the pandemic, you might need to go through our review to do it right!

The usual gatherings can’t be supported to make your day special. Yet, the two of you can make each other feel special. After all, two is also a gang!

Another great thing is that you two are not alone, we are happy to help you by presenting you ways to be engaged in the quarantine time without risking lives and how to take care of wedding rings.

Part 1: How To Be Engaged During This Pandemic With Just Diamonds And Sanitizer!

1- Get engaged with your dog as witness:

As the coronavirus pandemic rapidly escalated and with the imposition of lockdown measures, it became a problem to foil the engagement plans. No beachside celebration or grand gatherings at a fancy restaurant.

We feel you and won’t let this situation to kill your wedding vibes.

A large gathering of your friends cannot witness your engagement, but your dog can be a part of your celebration.

So exchange your 1-carat diamonds rings in front of your dog and bless you both with woof-woof!

2- Far away video engagement:

Is your better half not with you? Oh, this sad.

While we cannot help you with those kisses that you are missing, we can surely help you to be engaged. The long-distance engagement!

Get your would-be fiancée the best 1-carat diamonds engagement ring and send it to him/ her, an imitate ring (it’s all about feelings), and the video call.

Yes! Record your proposal and exchange your rings on a video call. And watch her blushing saying a YES! That is such a genius idea.

Part 2: How to Care for Your Diamonds with Sanitizer!

Are you washing your hands enough for 20 seconds? Good! It helps to prevent the infection.

Amidst the flurry of constant handwashing, are you paying heed to your 1-carat diamond engagement ring?

You must have wondered that you should separately sterilize your rings, or is it right to temporarily remove all the rings and watches until COVID-19 retreats. Does the sanitizer damage your bracelets and wedding bands?

These are fair questions at this point. Do not worry. We will answer them for you so that you do not mess up with your 1-carat diamond rings and your health, of course!

1: Remove All Rings and Watches for Now!

Coronavirus can be active on any metal surface on your rings too!

As you would have thought, if you remove your rings before washing your hands, you should disinfect your rings too because there is no point washing your hands to put back contaminated rings on those clean hands.

Therefore, it might be the best resort to avoid wearing rings and watches for these uncertain times. Yes, honey, your 1-carat diamond engagement ring should be kept safe away from your hand.

2: Sanitizer Damages Your Ring!

As mentioned above, the best way to minimize the contamination with the virus is to decide not to wear rings temporarily.

You might end up in trouble if you think that you can sanitize your rings and continue wearing them. That harmful sanitizer will dull your favorite gemstones and precious metals.

Many metals, crystals, organic gems like corals, pearl or turquoise, and your 1-carat diamonds do not fare well with sanitizer or excessive hand washing with harsh antibacterial soaps.

3: Sterilize The Ring!

Though removing all the rings and keeping it away is ideal for preventing any risk of contamination with the COVID-19 virus, some may not want to part with their sign of love!

We understand that it is easy for you to let go of your wedding bands and engagement rings, and you might want to go the extra mile to sterilize your rings before putting them back on. However, the question is- is it a risk worth taking?

You now know that the sanitizer or other cleansing agents damage your rings, so you will not be in favor of using the sanitizer on your bracelets or wedding bands.

So if you are in a dilemma of not using sanitizer for your rings and cannot even remove it and wish to keep your dazzling 1-carat diamond engagement ring on, fret not.

We give you a simple DIY tip that will help you protect your precious rock, without risking your health.

All you need to do is- mix a mild hand wash or dish wash in lukewarm water and deposit it in a spray bottle and store it in your room, car, or bag. So whenever you have to wash your hands or sanitize it, remove your lovely rings and then spray or soak in the above mixture.

It will give you clean rings on clean hands!

Wrapping Up

The bottom line recommendation is to remove all the rings and watches or avoid applying hand sanitizer directly on your band. It is a big NO. Remember, what makes your bathroom mirror shiny will make your diamond ring dull.

You can also use the DIY solution and gently brush the stone using a soft-bristled brush, and rinse it under lukewarm water, and Voila! Watch your 1-carat diamond ring sparkle back to life.