First Day at Work? Make Sure to Prepare these 10 Essential Things!

Starting a new job is like starting a new life on a new planet. New adventures, friends, and the start of a great and fulfilling career awaits you on your first day at work. Whether this is your first job or not, still, the thrill of starting a new career path is enough to get us excited.

And scared.

First Day at Work? Make Sure to Prepare these 10 Essential Things!

You’ll also be in for a lot of high expectations, and if this is your new job, a lot of new things and faces too. All these are overwhelming enough to send some butterflies in your stomach and bring your anxious thoughts alive.

To help you ease the nervousness of your first-day jitters, we’ve listed ten essential stuff you need to prepare the day before your work. When you’ve got these things on-hand, you’ll have a higher chance of making a good impression on your first day at work!

1. Your IDs and documents

Aside from training and orientation, your first day at work would involve a lot of paperwork. Your HR department will require you to provide proof of identity and other personal details pertinent to setting you up on their employee database, payroll, and security system.

If your HR department didn’t specify what kind of identification you need to bring, you could bring the following to be sure:

  • Driver’s license or any government-issued ID
  • Passport
  • Bills (for proof of address)
  • Social security card

You can also write down your banking information on your journal or phone when the HR is setting you up for payroll.

2. A list of questions

First Day at Work? Make Sure to Prepare these 10 Essential Things!

Training managers love it when new employees show interest in how things work in the company. If you want to make an impression, prepare a list of questions you can ask during or after the training. This could be inquiries about the company’s operations, the core values of the company, clarifications about how things work in your industry, or questions about your role.

3. A healthy lunch

Even if there are nearby cafés or eating spots near the office, insist on bringing lunch on your first day. You never know when you’ll be taking a break, or if you’re only going to have a quick break before the training/orientation resumes. If your lunch break falls on rush hour, you’ll be stuck queuing up in line more and less on actually enjoying your lunch.

Some of your colleagues might also bring their prepared lunches and eat together in the common room or lounge area. That’s the perfect chance to introduce yourself to your future colleagues while everyone’s in a good mood and not thinking about work. You can’t do that if you’ll spend time eating outside.

4. Mints

First Day at Work? Make Sure to Prepare these 10 Essential Things!

If you want to add a little self-confidence before making a lasting first impression to your boss and future officemates, pop a mint before facing the crowd. The fresh breath could add some points to a good impression.

Also, if you’re planning to eat something with garlic or onions for lunch, you need some mints or any breath freshener to hide the “savory” smell.

5. Conversation-starter topics

Speaking of conversations, you’ll need a handful of conversation starters so you can easily mix-and-mingle with your new officemates. These topics can be personal faves like your favorite Netflix show or industry-related topics.

If you’re the shy type, prepare a list of topics for small talks so you can spark a conversation easier. You can avoid more awkward silence or stuttering during your chat when you know what you’re talking about. This applies to introducing yourself too.

6. A journal and pen

First Day at Work? Make Sure to Prepare these 10 Essential Things!

Since most companies prohibit phones during the training or work hours, it’s handy to have a journal and pen so you can take down notes.

Taking notes by hand is also more beneficial than typing things with a keyboard, especially in the memory department. In an experiment by Pam Mueller from Princeton University, she discovered that people who took notes by hand remember information better than those who typed with the keyboard.

7. Money

When bringing money for work, it’s ideal to add some extra dollars to your wallet to be sure. Your new colleagues might invite you for pizza or beer after work. You wouldn’t want to miss the chance to finally experience hanging out with your work friends just because you’re out of pocket money.

8. Sweater/blazer

Not sure if it would be extra chilly in the office? Bring a sweater or blazer if you’ll need to shield yourself from the extreme cold. Exposing yourself to the open cold would only stir the butterflies in your stomach more.

First Day at Work? Make Sure to Prepare these 10 Essential Things!

And if you’re not sure of the company’s dress code, a blazer can give you the formal pizzazz you need to instantly blend in, no matter the outfit you’re wearing.

9. Sanitary items

It pays to be clean all the time. If you want to keep unwanted germs from affecting your health and work performance, sanitize your hands all the time. In times that sinks are not available, sanitary items like hand sanitizers, rubbing alcohol, or hand wipes are enough to keep you clean. For the ladies, bring some extra pads or tampons so you won’t need to ask for some from your officemates.

10. Backpack

First Day at Work? Make Sure to Prepare these 10 Essential Things!

Want to keep your stuff organized and easy to carry? A backpack would be the most suitable companion for you! It has enough space for your stuff without adding strain to your back when carrying it. If you’re roaming around from place to place during your commute, you can easily travel around with a backpack.

Plenty of backpacks today also come in different styles, so whatever your fashion sense is, there’s a perfect bag for you!

Be sure to check out some selling backpack reviews to find the best backpack for your needs.

What are you planning to bring on your first day at work? Share them with us in the comments!

And if you followed this list, we’d love to hear your experience during your first day at work. Horror and success stories are both welcome!

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