Those shopping for strong and sturdy workwear in the modern market have a diverse range of products to choose from. If you’re in need of new clothing for your job, you’ll need to consider your work environment and the tasks you’ll be doing, in addition to labor-specific requirements, such as chemical exposure or work with high voltage electricity. Despite being job-appropriate in years past, most denim today is fashion-oriented and can’t withstand the challenges of many modern work sites. Luckily you have plenty of other options, and companies have made great strides in recent years, developing products that are sure to suit your needs, whatever they are.


You’ll see many more options than just standard cotton in the workwear clothing market today. Canvas, a cotton product, has been a longstanding favorite for overalls, pants and jackets, and has traditionally been heavier. Polyester has emerged as a popular alternative for its ability to draw moisture away from the body and its durability, but it’s generally considered to be less comfortable. Many companies are offering a poly-cotton blend that combines the best of both fabrics. Advancements in technology make it possible for material to be more resistant to rips, tears or punctures.


There are stitching variations that provide increased strength to workwear garments, such as felled overlapping seams. Flat-felled seams are created by putting one edge of fabric inside a creased edge of material, then sewing the fold flat. Some of these are triple-stitched in order to provide optimal strength. Another characteristic you’ll see is bar tacks: reinforced stitching areas often seen on pockets and additional stress points of jeans or jean jackets.

Additional Features

Workwear manufacturers like Dickies are aiming concentration at areas that see a greater amount of wear than others, in order to provide maximum protection and sturdiness. Additional gusseting and reinforcement at elbows, knees and pockets are common. Copper rivets – often features on blue jeans to strengthen pockets – are typical additions. Tear-resistant hem guards safeguard from scuffing and abrasion. Heavy-duty fastenings meant to last in the face of regular use, in addition to the frequent cleaning they’ll be exposed to, are other oft-seen details.