During these days when leaving the house is not possible, the fitness routines in the living room with which to face the sedentary lifestyle have become the maximum trend. Melissa Jiménez and Marc Bartra have already managed to virtualize some of the funniest challenges with which to exercise while sharing the fun with the family. For all those who the days of isolation make them think of summer more than normal, there is a video with which to achieve a flat stomach that has earned viral status: it has accumulated more than 22 million views. Model Alexis Ren is the creator of this workout of 20 exercises focused on the abdomen that you can imitate in just 10 minutes and, of course, without leaving home. Ready?


20 exercises in 10 minutes

These are the movements with which to turn these days at home into the perfect excuse to show off abs in summer:

Exercise 1: Simple abs. They are done with the body lying on a comfortable surface, such as a rug. All you have to do is bend your knees, place both hands behind your neck, and raise your torso about two feet off the ground. 
Exercise 2: Sit-ups touching the knees. This time, the hands are extended forward and the knees are touched with each trunk lift. 
Exercise 3: Sit-ups with heel touches. To work the obliques, Alexis maintains the previous position but touches the left heel with the right hand and the right with the left hand. 
Exercise 4: Bicycle abs. This time, the hands are placed on the nape of the neck and the left elbow is raised to touch the right knee, and vice versa. 
Exercise 5: Russian abs. In the same posture, with the legs bent and together and the arms extended forward, bring the hands to the knees and return to the starting position. 
Exercise 6: Sit-ups with legs straight. Now it is the legs that remain elevated vertically forming a right angle with the rest of the body. With arms outstretched, feet are reached with each lift. 
Exercise 7: Leg raise on the tips of the toes of the opposite foot. The classic posture is maintained but the trunk is incorporated leaning on the elbows. Afterward, the right leg is raised upwards, and then it is supported again on the tips of the fingers with the knee bent, and the movement is repeated with the other. 
Exercise 8: Alternate lifts. With the legs raised and straight, alternate the elevation of one and the other in a direction from top to bottom.
Exercise 9: Scissors. Very similar to the previous exercise but this time the movement is lateral, imitating the action of opening and closing a pair of scissors crossing the legs between them.
Exercise 10: Raises of both legs together. With the body completely stretched out on the floor, both legs are raised at the same time until they form a right angle with the body. The descent must be controlled and smooth. 

Exercise 11: Sit-ups with foot touch. To work the obliques again, Alexis keeps her legs elevated and touches the tip of her left foot with her right hand, and vice versa.
Exercise 12: Sit-ups with a kick. With the trunk flexed and with the hands resting behind the body, both knees are brought closer to the chest, and then the legs are stretched.
Exercise 13: Climbers. This time the posture is changed: you must turn around. With the body face down supported on the tips of the feet and hands, in plank mode, the left knee is flexed towards the chest, it is returned to the starting position and the process is repeated with the left. In this movement, the important thing is to maintain a good rhythm.
Exercise 14: Plank. For the next 30 seconds, Ren keeps the body face down straight and supported on the forearms and the balls of the feet.
Exercise 15: Left side lateral plank. Now, the weight of the stretched and tensioned body is supported only by the left forearm and foot. The right arm remains stretched upwards and the right foot rests on top of the left.
Exercise 17: Right lateral plank. Then the same movement is repeated as in the previous step but on the other side.
Exercise 18: Plank. Again the plank, one of the functional exercises that manage to strengthen not only the abdominals but all the muscles globally.
Exercise 19: Twist plank. You start in a plank position but turn your hips from right to left for the next 30 seconds.
Exercise 20: Spider scalers. Instead of bringing the knees closer to the chest as in exercise 13, bend them closer to the elbows to work the obliques and the waist more. The rise of the right leg to the left alternates with a good rhythm.