As there are more than 6.5 million commercial buildings all over the United States of America, many consumers and employees expect facilities to be eco-friendly. Recycling, management of solid waste, energy conservation and resource preservation are some of the sustainable ways expected by consumers from the business organizations.

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However, little do they realize that a sustainable business is something that can only be achieved with effective facility management. It is the process of expert management discipline that stems from sustainable and effective delivery of products and services and proper management of improvements within buildings.

If you’re looking for ideas to drive long-term facility management, here are few tactics you should keep in mind.

Automate and integrate maintenance and operations of facilities

One of the best ways of improving facilities management is to create an integrated workflow that can be altered as per changes in needs. In fact, most facility managers are of the opinion that embracing automation is the way out! Automating process like HVAC systems and facility lighting can result in better productivity of facility operations.

Facility managers are also simplifying operation of facility maintenance by submitting work order process that are generated by various facility management software. Doing away with paperwork contributes in improving efficiency and productivity of team.

Improve equipment and assets

Do you remember when was the last time you had upgraded the equipment and assets of your business? It can’t be denied that one of the main tasks of a facility manager is to stay updated on the latest technologies that will make the higher impact on building operations.

For most commercial buildings, upgrading includes improving or changing the HVAC systems, adding new sustainable equipment or changing them like installing LED lights, and improving efficiency by saving on costs. When you invest in energy-efficiency, you can earn an ROI of 40-45% and also an improvement in NOI (Net Operating Income).

Personalize your facilities operations to fit the needs of your organization

As long as facility management is concerned, each company operates differently. Regardless of what your main priority is, whether special projects, preventive maintenance, scheduling of events or asset management, your workflows will be customized and flexible to tailor the evolving needs of an organization.

There are no one-size fits all solution for facility management. Personalized facility management operations assist managers to keep a tab on, capture and report all important details that surround the facility’s processes, offering them all the tools that are required for operational success.

Clean up your facilities

Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, health and wellness has been on the top of everyone’s priority list. Similarly, facility managers can never overlook the thought of maintaining clean buildings. When you can guarantee healthy and clean working conditions, this will foster safer, healthier and a more effective workplace environment.

Hire professional cleaners and invest your time and money in setting eco-friendly expectations can go a long way in preserving the health of the occupants of your building. You can motivate your team to utilize eco-friendly cleaning solutions to minimize the use of any kind of toxic chemicals.

Adopt a preventive maintenance plan

Being a facility manager, you will always aim for maximum efficiency for all your business assets to curb maintenance costs. This can be best done by adopting a preventive maintenance plan for your facilities. A PM plan diminishes downtime, expands the life of your equipment, promotes reactive maintenance and tracks metrics. Research suggests that companies that have a preventive maintenance plan have saved 15-20% of their yearly maintenance costs.

While some facility managers may find it overwhelming to keep up with the process of tracking and keeping details for the PM plan, with the right tool, routine maintenance can be straightforward and simple.

Whether you select an appropriate cost-saving facility management software or you buck up your preventive maintenance plan, utilize the best tools for upgrading your facility management techniques.