We all love our homes for the calming sanctuary they offer from the world. Over time though, they can sometimes start to look old or tired. This is the time to think about giving it a revamp and making it look awesome again. One thing that can really get in the way though is having too much stuff around! Over the years, we all collect masses of different things that can leave your home too full to work on. But how could you solve this issue?

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Hire a storage unit

This is arguably the best way to deal with too much stuff in your home when trying to revamp it. If you decide to hire a storage unit to make space when redecorating, it means you get rid of the clutter but without having to ditch it forever. If you then want to put some or all of the items back into your new-look home, you can. You get much more flexibility and choice when using storage as a clever temporary solution in this way.

Sell your unwanted clutter

Of course, if you decide that there are some things that need to go and will not fit in with your new décor, selling is a good option. This can be done before hiring a storage unit or afterwards if you find that you do want some of the items stored there back. The best way to go about this for most people now is online sites like eBay or Gumtree. These make it simple to upload any items you have to sell and mean you make some extra cash from your unwanted clutter. If you like to go more old-school, you could even try car boot sales or yard sales to get the same effect.

Give it away to family or charity

If you have items which are not going into a storage unit as you no longer need them, why not simply give them away? The beauty with this method of decluttering is that it will make you feel good about yourself as you are helping others. This is especially true if you decide to give unwanted items away to charity so they can help people in need or raise money with them. Even letting family members have your excess stuff gives that warm feeling inside which acting selflessly brings.

Make room to let your imagination run wild

If your home is too full of stuff then it can make giving it a revamp tricky. This is because the amount of stuff inside it stops you from seeing what could be done and unleashing your inner creativity. To get around this problem, the above tips are worth taking on-board. Whether you hire a storage unit to temporarily move items you still want or go with something more permanent for unwanted clutter, it will really help you to transform your home.