Celebrate Earth Day by enjoying nature and maybe a fun recycled craft.  What could be better than getting your hands a little dirty and greening your own home? While getting outside and planting a tree is probably the most popular way to celebrate, some people are handier with a glue gun than they are with a shovel. If you’re one of the former, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite DIY projects that use recycled and reclaimed materials. Find some great ideas with this list of great repurposed crafts, kid activities, easy gardening ideas!

Earth Day Cookies from Tammilee Tips

Earth Day Cookies | 25+ ways to celebrate Earth Day

Make wizard sticks from To Swoon For
make wizard sticks | 25+ Earth Day ideas

Make leaf animals from Look What I did with a Leaf book
make leaf animals | 25+ Earth Day ideas

How to Make a Terrarium
 from Country Living
How to Make a Terrarium | 25+ ways to celebrate Earth Day

Make a fairy garden with a bunch of plants all around from HomeDIT
Patio Pot Fairy Gardens | 25+ Earth Day ideas

DIY Nature Sculpture from Plum Pudding
DIY Nature Sculpture | 25+ Earth Day ideas

Earth Day Crayons from FSPDT
Make Earth day crayons | 25+ Earth Day ideas

Plant a succulent terrarium from Urban Succulents
succulent terrarium garden | 25+ Earth Day ideas

Start seedlings indoors from Urban Cultivator
Start Seedlings indoors | 25+ Earth Day ideas

The Earth’s layers in a jar from Amanda Heikkinen
The Earth Layers in a Jar | 25+ Earth Day ideas

Soda Pop Bottle Bird Feeders from Creative Craft Nights
Soda Pop Bottle Bird Feeders | 25+ Earth Day ideas

Recycling or Garbage earth friendly sorting game from No time for Flash Cards
Recycling or Garbage earth friendly sorting game | 25+ ways to celebrate Earth Day

Recycled Art with Up-cycled Materials from Timkerlab
Recycled Art with Up-cycled Materials | 25+ ways to celebrate Earth Day