Embark on a journey of tea discovery with the renowned French tea house, Palais des Thés celebrated for its direct sourcing from producers worldwide. The diligent efforts of their Tea Researchers, who traverse the globe by selecting top-tier vintages and fostering reliable partnerships with producers, are showcased in the Palais des Thés Advent calendars. These calendars beckon you to delve into the culmination of this labor, a manifestation in myriad dimensions. What better incentive to acquire a tea Advent calendar than the aspiration to uncover or deepen your appreciation for a five-thousand-year-old art of living, now rich with traditions, philosophy, and enchanting legends?

A Brief Journey Through Tea’s History

The tea tale commences in 2737 BCE, as the Chinese emperor Shennong, beneath a wild tea tree, inadvertently discovered tea. Leaves carried by the wind delicately infused the simmering water below, setting the stage for the millennia-long love affair with this captivating beverage.

Advent Calendars 2023


This year, Palais des Thés presents two exceptional Advent calendars – the Magnificent Advent Calendar and the Tea Seeker Advent Calendar. From December 1st to 24th, these opulent settings promise a daily indulgence in the most nuanced notes and flavors. Each calendar possesses its unique personality:

  1. Magnificent Advent Calendar: Immerse yourself in the enchanting blue and gold hues of the Magnificent Advent Calendar. Within its carefully curated boxes, discover scented teas, original blends, and gourmet infusions, each meticulously enveloped in hand-sewn cotton muslin containing 2g of loose tea—a perfect dose for a generous cup. A hidden gem awaits—a limited edition for Christmas 2023, the organic Thé Magnifique, a fragrant green tea with notes of pear, vanilla, and almond. Delight not only in delectable beverages but also in inspiring quotes concealed on the back of each box.
  2. Tea Researcher Advent Calendar: Embark on a global journey with the Tea Researcher Advent Calendar, mirroring the travels of Palais des Thés enthusiasts. Each box transports you to a different destination, from Thailand and Korea to China, Japan, and Georgia. These 7 Grands Crus and 17 original teas serve as windows to the stunning landscapes that birthed them.

Unraveling Grands Crus and Original Teas

Palais des Thés Advent calendars are a gateway to discovering Grands Crus and original teas, each deserving of elucidation. Original teas, sourced from the most exquisite terroirs worldwide (like Yunnan in China), bear a taste and scent shaped by centuries-old traditions. On the other hand, a Grand Cru is a rare, artisan-crafted, and ephemeral tea—a harmonious blend of producer expertise, tea plant variety, and terroir, resulting in exceptional and distinct taste qualities. Being ephemeral by nature, a Grand Cru is available only in limited quantities at any given time.

A House Committed to Tradition and Sustainability

Established in 1986 by François-Xavier Delmas, Palais des Thés is a house devoted to upholding traditions, ensuring product quality, and preserving terroirs. The founder’s belief in truly knowing tea involves a direct relationship with those cultivating it in tea-producing countries. This passion extends to contributing to the preservation of the breathtaking landscapes housing the plantations. Committed to sustainable agriculture, Palais des Thés actively supports several producers in obtaining organic certification.

Striving for carbon neutrality and zero plastic, Palais des Thés has designed 100% recyclable Advent calendars crafted from cardboard sourced from sustainably managed forests.

Palais des Thés invites you to an unparalleled tasting experience with its Advent calendars. Originating from China, Taiwan, Japan, Sri Lanka, or India, inspired by Turkish or Scandinavian traditions, the teas and infusions offered transport you to the farthest corners of the world—a journey not to be missed!