What do you do when you’re planning your outfits for the week, and there’s rain in the forecast? Or do you get ready to step out of the house, and it starts pouring? While an umbrella or raincoat can protect your body and clothes from getting wet, your shoes are exposed. How do you prevent the rain from damaging your shoes without compromising your fashion sense? Fortunately, it’s a lot easier than you think. Check out this list of stylish weather-resistant shoes you add to your closet.

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Stylish Flats

One of the reasons flats have become so popular is because of their comfortability. You can throw these shoes on and walk just about anywhere without having to worry about your heels getting stuck or your arches throbbing. Flats are also diverse in style and type to add variety and personality to your wardrobe. What makes flats an ideal shoe in the rain? You can maneuver easily on the slippery terrain and look great doing it. The best part is some brands make their flats using water-resistant materials to keep your foot safe in the rainy weather.


During the warmer seasons, it’s not uncommon to want to let your feet breathe by wearing sandals or open-toed shoes. If it starts raining, however, your shoes are instantly wet. Rubber or waterproof slip-ons are a practical solution. They come in an array of colors and allow your feet to breathe when it’s hot outside. You also won’t have to worry about them getting dingy or moldy.

Rain Boots 

Ideal for any age, rain boots are popular shoe options when the weather is unpredictable. Their rubber material ensures the rainwater rolls off your foot, keeping your socks and feet dry. Fortunately, the style and design of rain boots have come a long way. You can find rain boots with different colors, patterns, and characters to appeal to your style.

Waterproof Boots

Not to be confused with rain boots, waterproof boots combine waterproof materials with the latest shoe styles. You can find booties, ankle-length boots, knee boots, and thigh-high boots to compliment your outfit. They’re also available in various colors to diversify your wardrobe. You can rock waterproof boots just like any other boot without having to worry about wet feet or water damage.

Garden Sloggers 

Do you enjoy working in the garden? Perhaps you take pride in your landscaping? Maybe you simply need to run an errand, but it’s raining outside. Either way, having a pair of garden sloggers in your closet is ideal. These rubber slides are easy to put on and protect your feet from getting wet while providing them with proper air circulation to prevent sweating. They also come in an array of colors and patterns and are comfortable on the feet.


If you work long hours in all weather conditions, workboots are your best option. If you work construction or in a warehouse, workboots are often a requirement for employee safety. They’re durable, provide injury protection, and come in weatherproof designs to keep your feet dry while you work.

Weatherproof Sprays

If the above rainproof shoes don’t interest you, you’re not out of options just yet. You could simply purchase weatherproof spray and apply it to your shoes. Ensure that you select the spray that is safe for your shoe type and materials. Follow the instructions accurately and allow time for the spray to dry before wearing them.

There’s nothing worse than having your fashion sense compromised because of rain. It’s also no fun to end up with soaking wet feet, moldy shoes, or damaged leather. The good news is that rain doesn’t have to get in the way of your style or comfort. As the fashion industry continues to evolve, waterproof shoes are available in more styles, sizes, and colors to meet your needs.