The power tool has become the most important tool in any tool box. They make it much simpler to finish a job without having to sacrifice the quality of your finish.

But, if you’re new to the power tools scene, how do you know which one you need and what is right for you?

The answer is to check with friends and family regarding the tools they have used. You can also look on social media to establish whether a specific tool is good at doing its job. The reputation and reviews will help you to choose a quality product. Alternatively, you might take another less-arduous route of seeking reviews of power tools from sales advisors such as data power tools. Sale advisors will not only recommend the best product, but they even go to an extent of inquiring with the manufacturer.

A Complete Guide to Power Tools for Beginners - screwdriver, power tools, laser level, jigsaw, circular saw, begginers

But it might not help you to know which tool you need!

The Power Screwdriver

This is often referred to as the drill driver. It can be used to drive screws into items or for drilling holes. The best sort is those that use lithium batteries which can be recharged.

This tool is great if you are doing almost anything round your home.

A Jigsaw

Jigsaws allow you to cut intricate patterns into any piece of wood, plastic or metal. This is useful if you are creating a specific item. The blade cuts fairly slowly so that you can turn it to create the right finish on almost any material.

Laser Level

This is a great tool to keep your hands free while ensuring you’re putting something up straight. You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to get it a little out and the effect this can have.

Circular Saw

The jigsaw is great for intricate cutting; the circular saw is fantastic for getting a fast and neat cut on any item of wood or metal. (Assuming you have the right blade in).

You can even adjust the angle to make good quality joins.


These are the tools that will get you through the day to day chores in and round your home. But there will be times when you need extras, such as a demolition jack hammer. You will need to decide if it is better to buy or hire these items; it will depend on the number of times you intend to use it.

Buying Branded

It is tempting, especially when purchasing your first poser tools; to go for the cheapest. This is usually the store branded.

Unfortunately they are not generally as powerful or reliable as the more expensive options. You may also find that the batteries are not interchangeable.

If you choose a quality brand that makes many different power tools then you’ll be able to share the battery between the tools. This will actually reduce your costs; you should be able to get additional batteries if you need them.


If you choose a specific brand then you can save money by looking for refurbished ones. These will give you the same level of performance as a new one.

However, it is best t avoid second hand ones; you won’t know how they’ve been treated and may find they are not up to the job.