8 Things to Know About Car Window Tinting - Window, ceramic film, car

Many car owners are edging to get a window tint, and everyone has their different reasons for getting them. If you are looking to benefit from window tints, you need to know important things about window tints.

Not all Tints are Equal

You first need to know about window tints because not all window tints are created equal. There are hundreds of window tint manufacturers in the markets. Similarly, there are numerous amounts of films, each ranging from good to bad. There are window tint installers that will use bad films because it is cheaper to use. This is why it is important to know what film you are putting on your car.

There are also different types of tints for different kinds of windows. The tempered glass in your car may not be the same as the glass inside your home. If you have double-pane windows or something similar in your house, you must use different films for different glass.

Dark does not Mean Heat Rejection.

This is a misconception in many people’s minds. The darkness or the percent tint you put on does not always correlate to the amount of heat rejection it will offer. You can even find a clear film that does not have any darkness. However, it provides plenty of heat rejection regardless.

Local Laws Preventing Window Tinting

You need to know your local laws regarding what percent of tint darkness is permissible by the law from where you live. For instance, if you are looking for window tinting in Keller, TX, then you need to look up what the state of Texas says about window tinting. This is important because you want to avoid paying someone hundreds of dollars to tint your car and get a ticket.

Therefore, it is good to know your local laws as they do vary state by state in the United States. Your state will have a legal requirement on how dark you can tint your car. This requirement will also vary per window on your vehicle. Usually, you can tint the rear windows darker than the front windows. The local laws will depict window tinting requirements as a VLT percentage.


VLT is a percentage measure that is short for visible light transmission. The lower this number is, the darker the tint will be. Therefore, your 35% tint will look darker than your 50% tint. Some of the darkest tints are around the 5 to 10% range.

They are Very Beneficial

Window tints can make your car look a lot nicer by just having a darker window tint. Having a dark window tint also adds a layer of privacy. This is because people cannot easily see inside your vehicle. Another practical benefit of having window tints is their ability to block harmful UV rays from entering the vehicle. They can also reduce the heat inside your car and reduce the glare.

There are Different Types of Film

There are three main types of film that you can come across. You have dyed film, metalized film, and ceramic film. Dyed film is the entry-level basic film, and installers recommend this to customers who only want to block some of the sunlight and get an aesthetic appeal to their car. On the other hand, the metalized film has a metalized layer.

This film is great for blocking heat, and it has some disadvantages. Since it is metalized, it does not have a metalized mirror look. For this reason, it does not match up to factory tints aesthetically. Similarly, the tint can also be signal interfering, which can interrupt radio signals and cell phone signals.

For this reason, the better option is to install a ceramic film. These films are great because they have the same infrared heat reduction with the metalized film. Along with the heat reduction qualities, they do not disrupt the signals.

Moreover, they also match well with the factory tints that you might see on some windows. Typically, ceramic films will cost you a few hundred dollars more than standardized films. However, you will get great value for what you pay.


You must know about the warranty that comes with your film. This is one of the biggest reasons some tint products stand out more than others. The best films provide a lifetime warranty against peeling, bubbling, and fading. Not only do some products offer a lifetime warranty, but they also offer a one-time no-fault warranty.

If there is any damage, you will get a free replacement of the window tints. Anything that happens if the car window breaks, you can bring it to any company dealer. They will then pay to have it replaced. This is why you must research multiple tint companies.

UV Rejection

Many people do not think about UV rays when driving in the daytime. But you need to realize that you are exposed to the sun for a damaging amount of time on a hot sunny day. Tints will not only protect your skin from UV rays but also your car’s internal skin.

Your car has leathers, plastics, and vinyl inside that are crucial parts and vulnerable to UV. Therefore, you need to realize that widow tints are not just due to visual aspects but also a great barrier in protecting your skin and your car’s interior.

Final Words

The points mentioned above are critical things that you must keep in mind before installing window tints on your vehicle. Most good window films will consist of ceramic technology that will be very good for heat reduction. When purchasing window tints, you shouldn’t try to get the cheapest options. A good quality tint will provide you with lasting quality and high effectiveness.