7 Interesting Facts About Intermittent Fasting - weight loss, health

When it comes to weight loss or attaining a lean body, intermittent fasting is an effective method to choose. However, it is not that easy to keep up with it.

Though there are various ways to do intermittent fasting, they are not everyone’s cup of tea. They may seem lucrative and easy, like the 12:12 routine, but you may fail if you are new to it.

So, before you choose any of the intermittent fasting methods, you need to analyze all the aspects of it. Intermittent fasting does not have any drawbacks, but there are some things that may concern you.

Let’s read the article and check out some of the mind-blowing facts about intermittent fasting!

Intermittent fasting helps in boosting metabolism

It is believed by people that intermittent fasting leads to bad metabolism. It is not entirely true as it is in your hands. If you are fasting for regular intervals such as 16 hours, 20 hours, 12 hours a day, or 2 days a week, your metabolism will increase.

As per an NCBI study, the time-restricted feeding of the body leads to better metabolism. However, if you will fast for three straight days, it may go down than usual.

It is not safe for all!

Well, intermittent fasting may seem like a safe option, but it is not safe for all. As it is not about what you eat but more about the time you eat, it may be difficult for some of you to keep up with it.

A Science Direct study finds that intermittent fasting does not work for everyone. Therefore, if you are pregnant, have diabetes, eating disorders, or any other medical condition, do not try it without the permission of your doctor.

Insulin reduction

As mentioned in the above point, diabetic patients, should consider consulting a doctor before taking up intermittent fasting. This is because intermittent fasting helps in reducing insulin levels in your body which consequently helps in reducing the possibility of type-2 diabetes.

When your body parts like the liver and muscles fail to absorb the glucose, insulin resistance is more in your body. To reduce this, you can consider following any of the intermittent fasting techniques. As per a study by Science Direct, daily calorie reduction in your diet can lead to reduced insulin resistance in your body.

It is not the miracle cure for weight loss

If you think that intermittent fasting is a miracle cure for weight loss, it is not. Other than intermittent fasting, there are several other meal plans that you can opt for.

On top of this, each of our bodies is capable of burning a fixed amount of calories in a day. Therefore, if your calorie intake is more than what your body burns in the eating window, you will not see any weight loss. Hence, intermittent fasting is not the only method to lose weight.

Weight loss is not the only benefit

If you are wondering if weight loss is the only benefit of intermittent fasting, it is not. Other than weight loss, intermittent fasting can provide you with countless other benefits.

For instance, intermittent fasting can be good for cellular repair of the body. Other than that, it can also help in better brain function and can even be helpful in preventing cancer. It can alter your body’s hormones which can facilitate the availability of stored fats. Lastly, intermittent fasting may also help detox your body and improve your immune system.

Studies also suggest that fasting is not limited to physical benefits; it can also provide you with mental pros.

You cannot eat anything in your fasting window

It is a common perception that you can eat anything in your eating window alongside fasting. No, you cannot fast for 16 hours and gulp a large pizza in the evening. If you want to keep your body slim and weight down, you need to plan your diet too.

Some of the best food items that you can eat during your intermittent schedule are

  • Avocado
  • Fish and seafood
  • Potatoes
  • Legumes
  • Eggs
  • Berries (a 2016 study suggests that people who consumed berries saw a less increase in body mass index than those who didn’t.)

And more!

7 Interesting Facts About Intermittent Fasting - weight loss, health

You are supposed to drink a lot of water

If you are taking up intermittent fasting, you need to ensure that you consume a lot of water. Some people have this notion that you have to restrict your water intake too during fasting, but it is actually not.

During fasting, your body runs out of carbs and water faster. As you cannot consume any heavy carbs, you can always increase your water intake to keep your body running.

Final Thoughts

So, these were some of the most interesting facts, or should we say guidelines for intermittent fasting. If you are planning to opt for intermittent fasting, you need to ensure that your body is ready for it. You have to consult your doctor. Moreover, you also have to check out all the intermittent fasting methods to see which one works for you.