A road trip in the open road without music – hard to imagine that happening. Extended stretches of the road tend to get dull and cool music piercing through your ears remains the best remedy. A continuous stream of your favorite tunes is an excellent way to entertain yourself. Your ride doesn’t always have to be boring, but the right music makes the trip even more enjoyable.

This piece will guide you on tips for creating a music playlist for your long haul trips.

6 Tips For Creating A Music Playlist For Long Road Trips - road trip, playlist, personal, music, mood, group, friends

1. Pick your two favorite genres

Whether it’s hip hop, rock or country, pick your top two styles. Then select your best twenty tunes of each type. Understandably, it’s hard to compile the list all at once. It’s a great idea to note down songs that come to your mind a few days before the trip.

Add songs until there’s roughly three hours of songs, or even five hours if your trip is exceptionally long.

2. Pick your device

Two decades ago, you burned your favorite tunes to a CD. Times have changed. Today, the majority of travelers use apps like Spotify and Pandora to create playlists. Keep in mind that depending on where you travel, you may lack cell service. Thus, burning a CD the old fashioned way or downloading a playlist to your phone is the way to go.

For persons still on CD, upgrade your sound system.

3. Consider everyone’s requests

When taking a trip with friends, and you play deejay in your group, consider requests from each person in the car. This way, everybody gets a turn to enjoy choosing a couple of songs depending on their taste in music.

This strategy is particularly excellent when traveling with kids; they get their needs met. The grownups, on the other hand, don’t listen to kids’ music for extended periods.

4. Match your playlist to the terrain

This approach is a personal favorite for some drivers. Supposing you got strong associations between a place and a musician, others might feel the same too. Say, if you drive through the Big Apple, play Biggies, Mos Def or Jay-Z. Driving through California its Tupac or Linkin Park, St. Louis it’s Nelly. You get the flow.

The same works with genres and the terrain. If driving through snow-capped mountains, some classical music will do. Are you driving in the desert or through Maryland in a rented party bus? Edgy tunes will do it like Pink Floyd. Surf-rock bodes well if you intend to drive along the beach.

5. Match music to mood

Consider the reason for going on the road trip. Are you traveling to attend a wedding? In this case, keep the music light. Think fun songs to get you in the mood for dancing, to laugh, and to celebrate.

A high school reunion, for instance, is easy. Take some time and recall the songs you danced to on prom night or during campus night bashes. Alternatively, you could buy beats online to find something original and unique.

6. Give your playlist a dry run

Preview your playlist to see what’s working, not working or missing. If you find yourself skipping over some tracks, ditch them. Notice a song could make the ideal transition into a tune that comes later? Rearrange the songs.

There’s no specific way to guarantee everyone in the car will bob their heads with you. However, these tips will help in a big way.