As the temperatures slowly rise, your current air-conditioning unit may not be keeping up, and you might be considering upgrading it or installing a new HVAC system. Have you thought about using a ductless air system? They’re becoming more and more prominent, and for good reason.

Sometimes called mini-split systems, these units tend to be super small, which makes them perfect for places that are difficult to reach. Additionally, as you don’t need the air ducts, installation is usually fast and the systems more efficient. You end up having more control over the temperature and, consequently, saving money.

They’re Easy to Install

Unlike traditional HVAC system, where you need air ducts to carry the air to the vents in your house, mini-splits have a much simpler installation process. You only need 3-inch holes in your walls to pass the lines, which carry the refrigerant, electricity, and drainage system. So, they’re easy to set up and you won’t have technicians disrupting your day-to-day life.

6 Times You Should Choose a Ductless Air System -

It’s More Efficient

One of the reasons old-style HVAC systems don’t work well is because they lose sometimes more than 25 percent of energy to ductwork. As the mini-splits don’t need any air ducts, you immediately have a more efficient unit. They also have smarter compressors that adjust to the system, therefore consuming less energy.

6 Times You Should Choose a Ductless Air System -

It Can Save You Money

With ductless air systems, you can have different cooling zones in your home or office. So, instead of having a central system cooling the entire home, you can easily decide the temperature of each room. You can considerably cut costs by having more control over your HVAC system and not waste money by cooling unused rooms.

6 Times You Should Choose a Ductless Air System -

They Keep Noise to a Minimum

If you have a window air conditioner or a central system, you probably know they can be quite noisy. The constant rattling can affect your sleep and before you know it, you wake up moody with low energy levels. Ductless air systems have the compressor outside the building, so you’ll never hear a thing as you turn it on. It’s also a perfect solution for school districts, as pupils can have their lessons undisturbed.

6 Times You Should Choose a Ductless Air System -

It’s Better for Your Health

Another issue to take into consideration is the indoor air quality. Over time, traditional ductwork can become dangerous, as dust particles and harmful allergens grow inside them. Mini-splits, however, don’t have this problem, and they also feature efficient filters that can be easily detached and frequently cleaned.

They Fit Anywhere

6 Times You Should Choose a Ductless Air System -

Image via Flickr by Keith Williamson

Another benefit of ductless air systems is their size. As they are super compact, they can easily be installed in any room, even the ones not designed for them. That’s the reason many people living in old homes tend to choose mini-splits, as there’s no need for a ductwork configuration.

All things considered, mini-splits can be the best solution if you’re planning to install a new HVAC system. Not only will you have more control over the temperature of each room, you’ll also be saving money and potentially benefiting your health with better indoor air quality.