You’re driving along and everything’s going great. That is, until you see your DPF light flashing on your dashboard. Your first instinct might be to panic and think, “Oh no! What’s wrong now?”. When your DPF light starts to light up your dashboard, that only means one thing. Your DPF filter is blocked and in need of a good cleaning.

5 Reasons Why Your DPF’s Get Blocked - dpf, clean, car

Your DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) could be blocked for one of the following reasons:

  • The Trips You Make Are Too Short – If you frequently make short trips, your DPF filter doesn’t get the time that it needs to regenerate. When that happens , your DPF system is going to become clogged. To prevent this from happening, you need to run your vehicle for longer distances regularly too and give the DPF system enough time to self regenerate.
  • Your Engine Is Producing Too Much Soot – There could be several reasons why your diesel engine might be producing too much soot. If your engine is producing too much soot, it could be causing your DPF to get clogged.
  • You Haven’t Used the Right Engine Oil – Believe it or not, using the wrong kind of engine oil could be causing a blockage in your DPF system. When purchasing your engine oil, it needs to be the same specifications recommended by the manufacturer. Always check the specifications before making your purchase.
  • Your Turbocharger Has An Oil Leak – A leak in your turbocharger into the exhaust will be burned by your DPF but it will also cause it to clog up.
  • There Is Too Much Ash In Your DPF – After going through several regenerations in the system, the leftover ash that has accumulated over time becomes too much for your DPF filter to run smoothly any longer. When this happens, your DPF becomes clogged and the only way to unclog it would be with the proper cleaning equipment. This could also happen when the wrong oil is used

Your clogged DPF filters could be a result of one, two, or any combination of the above problems. When your DPF filter does get clogged up, there is only one thing to do. You need the proper DPF cleaning equipment to get the job done. DPFs can be very costly to replace, and this is why you should do a thorough cleaning job regularly to keep the problem from happening.

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