Women have always slaved for beauty. In ancient Egypt, we applied lead-based kohl to our eyes and eyebrows. In Victorian times, we wore corsets, and applied face-whitening masks made of carcinogenic poison.  In Shakespeare’s time, we put Belladonna drops in our eyes to make them look sexier, even if it meant we might go blind. And two decades ago, women underwent painful cosmetic surgeries that could take months to recover from, just to be more beautiful. Thank goodness, times they are a changin’.

Instead of torturing yourself into being gorgeous, here are five ways to do it much easier, or even pain-free.

5 Grown Up Tips for Getting Gorgeous - Lifestyle, beauty

1.Get more sleep. Half the world is sleep-deprived, and though we often relegate sleep to the bottom of our beauty to-do list, it’s essential for your good looks. When you are sleeping, your body is busy getting rid of toxic build up in your cells, and scavenging free radicals that make you look old before your time. Get at least 8 to 9 hours nightly for the best results. If you have trouble getting to sleep, make your room pitch black, turn off all devices (cell phones, computers, etc.) at least three hours before bed so that your mind can wind down, and be sure to limit caffeine to early-day intake.

2.Practice the Japanese water cure. In ancient Japan, women knew the power of water. If you want to help flush out those toxins your body is so busy getting rid of while you sleep, drink two full 8 ounce glasses of cold water first thing in the morning before you’ve even brushed your teeth. This will flush out even more junk, so that you can look your radiant best. It also seems to help promote a healthy metabolism and regulate blood sugar levels so you have fewer food cravings.

3.Laugh more. Laughter is truly the best medicine. It also helps you look stunning, while boosting heart health, mental clarity, and nervous system resilience. People are also 90 percent more likely to find a smiling face attractive than a frowning one.

4.Consider a cosmetic procedure. This is particularly useful for moms. A liposuction procedure may be very helpful. There are minimally invasive procedures as well as completely non-surgical procedures that use cutting-edge, ultrasound technology to help break up fat stores and result your belly. Others simply “freeze” fat so that your body can expel it more easily.  If you’re frustrated with your postpartum body after eating well, exercising, sleeping sufficiently, and drinking plenty of water, then this procedure may be right for you. It takes only hours to do, without general anesthesia, and recovery time isn’t months anymore – it’s days. You can have the procedure, and watch fat melt away over a few months to reshape your body after baby, or even if you’ve lost considerable weight but there are a few stubborn fat stores which remain.

5.Eat antioxidant-rich foods to help you look younger and live longer. Olive oil, blueberries, leafy greens, dark chocolate, organic kefir, legumes, nuts, seeds, and spices like cloves, cinnamon, turmeric, Holy basil, Ashwagandha, and more can help to bring out the beauty in your eyes, hair, skin, and even boost youthful energy because they work on a cellular level to renew you.

Just five steps to a more gorgeous you await. Which will you put into practice today?