Are you not sure whether you should be using fertiliser on your plants? There is a lot of information online about you should not use too much fertiliser and that it can be damaging if you do. But, it is important to realise that this is only true in certain circumstances.

4 Signs You Need to Use a Hortifeeds Fertiliser - plant, hortifeeds, fertiliser

The chances are that if you have never used fertiliser before, your plants are going to benefit from the nutrients. In particular, plants need three minerals if they are to grow healthy and strong. This includes nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus. Hortifeeds is a big brand that a lot of gardeners and professionals use since you can depend on the quality. So, here are four signs you need to use a Hortifeeds fertiliser on your plants today.

You Notice Yellow Leaves

Often, you can tell the condition of plants by looking at them. One particular sign you should look out for that indicates your plants are struggling is yellow leaves. Of course, most of the time, they should be a strong green colour. But, if the tips are starting to yellow and this is spreading down to the stem, this is not a good sign and you are going to have to act.

Namely, you need to get a good fertiliser. Yellow leaves can be a sign that your plants are suffering from nitrogen deficiency. They are not getting enough from the soil and it will have a noticeable effect. You can visit to get your hands on the correct fertiliser. This should be used as per the instructions on the product and this can allow leaves to grow green and strong.

If you notice that there are yellow spots on the leaves, as well as brown at the tips, this is a sign that the plant is not getting enough potassium. Thus, you want to select a fertiliser that offers this. This can tackle the discolouration and stop it from getting worse.

The Soil is Years Old

Have you been using the same soil for years to grow plants? This can be a sign that it is time to use a fertiliser. Over the years, the plants are going to absorb the nutrients from this soil. This means that as time goes by, the soil is going to lack important nutrients that those plants need to continue to grow. For instance, it can be depleted of nitrogen, which is a very important nutrient for plants.

So, if you have been using the same soil for a long time and not used a fertiliser, this is the sign you need to change this. Indeed, using one from Hortifeeds is going to put those essential nutrients back into the soil for the plants you are growing. If you are not sure what your soil is deficient in, you can always test it. There are test kits you can purchase to see what nutrients are lacking in the soil. This is going to help you select the right fertiliser.

Stems are Weak

Have you noticed that the stems of your plants are weak? This is not something that you should simply accept. In fact, it might be an indication that those plants are not getting the nutrients they require to grow healthy and strong. In particular, weakened stems can be a result of plants not getting enough nitrogen.

In order to help your plants become stronger and avoid them dying, you can use a fertiliser. This is going to be applied to the soil and it can provide nutrients to the plant. Over time, they are going to absorb the nutrients and you should notice that stems become sturdier and straighter. Indeed, this robustness should spread throughout the plant.

The Plant is Dull

Again, a hint that your plants are not thriving in the soil is that they appear dull and lifeless. In particular, the natural green colour can be tired-looking. This effect can be due to not getting phosphorus from the soil. In addition, if you notice that there is a slight purple colour to some of the leaves, this is definitely a sign of phosphorus deficiency. You will need to act before this spreads and gets worse.

Most fertilisers are going to contain phosphorus since it is such an important nutrient for plants. In particular, Hortifeeds is going to offer you plenty of options. Just make sure that you read the instructions so that you apply the fertiliser the best way for the plants.